Jun 112016

Jezebel Jizzabel decided to let everyone know that Gawker declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy won’t stop them.  Jizzabel made it clear that they would “continue blogging here every day with the same, excellent staff” and gave some examples of their blogging:

Texas Man and Small-Time Dick Insists He Actually Has a Huge Dick, Everyone
A Timeline of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Brief, Volatile Relationship
Beyond ‘Work’: Here Are the Songs of the Summer
What Happened to the Girl Behind ‘White Girl Problems’?

With hard hitting journalism like that from their “excellent staff”, Gawker should use declaring chapter 11 as an opportunity to put Jizzabel out of its, and more importantly our, misery.

  One Response to “Gawker’s Bankruptcy Won’t Stop Hard Hitting Journalism At Jizzabel”

  1. Except it won’t. Jizzabel is that network’s id and they’re proud of it.

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