Jun 172016

More and more has been happening with the Jacob Appelbaum case.  For those of you who don’t know what is going on, Jacob Appelbaum is (or rather was since he resigned his position) at the TOR Project, a software application to help protect anonymity on the internet.  A website (http://jacobappelbaum.net/) got created out of nowhere to document all of Appelbaum’s alleged rapes and sexual assaults.  It has all of the hallmarks of being nothing but false accusations.  The crimes that Appelbaum are supposed to have committed unspecified or poorly specified.  They are also mostly unfalsifiable except in one case that was reported by witnesses, but the supposed victim insists she was not sexually assaulted.  (This is exactly the same thing that happened at CSU.)  It’s also a social media campaign with a call for others to come forward to join the social media campaign.  None of that involves going to the police or taking any legal action whatsoever.

That last part is very important.  One of Appelbaum’s accusers objects to due process and the legal system because it is “violent towards accusers”.  This is basically the same argument that is being used by the women at the University of Tennessee who are suing to end due process because they believe due process violates their rights.  In other words, this woman wants to completely eliminate due process.  Additionally, that same woman objects to being described as a lynch mob:

I was troubled by some of the misguided defenses of Jake. People speaking up were dismissed as a lynch mob — an ahistorical and offensive way to describe a critical mass of people who had previously been silenced and were demanding accountability.

This is the exact same argument that the KKK would use to lynch black men, especially if a white woman was falsely accusing a black man of rape.  Everyone who is accusing Appelbaum of anything is morally equivalent to the KKK now.

Instead of due process and a real evidence based investigation conducted by police, the accusers want something called “transformative justice”. From what I can tell is half gibberish and half complete totalitarianism. Take a look at some of the steps involved in “transformative justice”:

0. Jake must be excluded from all community activities as a precondition for healing.

1. We must believe victims, and continue to foster an environment where they feel safe to report their stories of abuse.

“Transformative justice” is just another term for getting rid of due process and legal standards like innocent until proven guilty.  It doesn’t even replace innocent until proven guilty with guilty until proven innocent.  Under guilty until proven innocent an innocent man still has a chance of being declared innocent sometimes.  “Transformative justice” is guilty forever with no possibility of proving innocence.  The court systems of the most totalitarian nations that have ever lived (including the Soviet Union) weren’t this bad.

It’s obvious that all of the accusations against Appelbaum are false.  Any criminal accusation made by someone who wants to eliminate due process must be a lie.  Anyone who has a legitimate criminal accusation against someone would not be afraid of due process.

  8 Responses to “Another Woman Wants To Eliminate Due Process”

  1. While I appreciate the kind invitation to live in their fucked-in-the-head world of hate and nuttiness, I feel that I must decline. In fact I insist that the rule of justice be reinstated.

  2. The 1 in 5 rape hysteria on college campuses was flat out false and made up my mentally deranged, man hating leftists and feminists. Then, feminists Gillibrand, McCaskill and Obama led the way in lying to the country with the deeply fraudulent stat. The left does the same thing with “global warming” and Lynch has gone as far as saying those that deny climate change should be jailed. F*** that B***H!

    These people are bat s**t crazy insane – on the level of Stalin, Mao and Jung-un. All the crazy they make up is intended to force wealth and power from white, heterosexual males to women and minorities. Of course these sociopaths are trying to deny men due process. Note that they’re only denying it for men.

    The Post just released an article showing over a thousand colleges reporting zero rapes and the Post thinks that’s worrisome? Why? Because the facts don’t support their sociopathy and lust for wealth and power transfer.

    In addition, women are pissed that their little sexual revolution backfired leaving far fewer men with which to divorce rape via no-fault divorce, asset division, alimony and child support (alimony 2.0) – because MGTOW.

    F**K marriage, F**K liberals and F**K feminists.

  3. The following is the URL of an article which appears in the online men’s rights site, The American Gentleman, entitled: “Feminism and the Law”:
    It describes how feminism has adversely and unjustly effected men through laws and the application of laws and other related subjects.

  4. More mangina doubling-down :

    How sexism holds back the economy.

    Technically, that is true. Except it is sexism towards MEN that holds back the economy.

  5. Another Assange. The p-t-b don’t like what he’s doing, so it’s false rape accusation time.

    • This is another reason why I don’t bother with women unless required to in a workplace or something similar.

  6. A perfect example of female emotion vs. male logic :


    Unfortunately, the woman certainly will learn nothing from the generous education that the man provided her.

  7. Oh, here is a superb example of ‘There is no benefit to being a male feminist’ :


    A mangina who was quick to compare Men’s Rights to Al-Qaeda and Nazis, and swore full allegiance to ‘feminism’, himself was attacked heavily by ‘feminists’, for……….nothing.

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