May 282016

There is a phenomena known as the uncanny valley. It’s an aesthetic phenomena, typically seen in 3D computer animation and robotics, where a person has a negative reaction to something that looks similar a person or acts similar to a person. What happens is that a person notices slight differences between how something that looks or acts like a person and how an actual person would look or act. What is interesting about the phenomena is that it happens only with something that looks or acts close to a person. Something that clearly does not look like or act like a person does not generate that reaction. This graph shows how the uncanny valley phenomena only starts to appear when something gets close to looking like or acting like a person.

When it comes to reviews of VR sex that I have seen, there has been no one complaining of anything that could be caused by the uncanny valley despite that VR sex is in its infancy.  I don’t just mean reviews like this one from the MGTOW subreddit.  Even more “mainstream” reviews of VR sex like this one or this other one that Anon pointed out don’t either.

While it is possible that the uncanny valley for VR sex hasn’t been reached yet, I don’t think it matters if that is true.  Part of the appeal of VR sex (for heterosexual men) is that you don’t have to deal with the usual female bullshit.  This could be the one case where the uncanny valley could be used as a selling point in the marketing of VR sex.  The women in VR sex aren’t exactly like real women, and that’s a good thing.  If VR sex is on the other side of the uncanny valley then none of this matters.  If not, then it becomes a plus in its favor.  Either way, VR sex will be viable product soon.

  7 Responses to “The Missing Uncanny Valley In VR Sex”

  1. My take on the Uncanny Valley is that it’s overrated. It could be dealt with either by diluting the level of realism in the short term or overpowering it with technological wizardry in the medium/long term. All that’s required is that an incrementally better sexual experience be delivered, not that some artificial standard of realism be crossed before VR porn becomes widely adopted.

    > The women in VR sex aren’t exactly like real women,

    A guy wanking to 3D interactive porn could probably get a satisfactory sexual experience with something on the level of an anime cartoon with a haptic interface.

    > and that’s a good thing.

    My money is that there’ll be an excellent market for “alien” women such as green-skinned Orion slave girls or elves. The men who use these simulations will find the deviations from the human norm exciting, not revolting.

  2. Has anyone looked up pornhub’s Overwatch porn? Check it out before it gets DMCA’d. It’s great.


  3. real women can never measure up to the superior creations of the male imagination.

    the greatest artists, creators, thinkers, and inventors continue to be men, and always will be.

    so usually the uncanny valley refers to an effect where a human looking object becomes upsettingly unrealistic. I think in this case, lack of realism is the goal. whether the simulated female is a perfect recreation, or a cartoonish facsimile, there will be men out there who will find it appealing. after all, we already have hentai, and some guys are now rejecting real women for cartoons because a cartoon can be flawless.

  4. Another reason there is no uncanny valley is that the porn actresses are videotaped humans to begin with. It is the video technology that creates full immersion that enables VR.

    Meanwhile, CGI advances under the surface, and can take its time to iron out any uncanny aspects. When CGI matches humans in realism (if that realism is even desired), the market will migrate to CGI. Even the better-looking porn actresses are just 7s and 8s, while the CGI woman will be each man’s custom idea of what he considers a 10.

  5. This is positive news. I’ve been quietly rooting for VR for awhile now, since it rips the steering wheel out of the hands of women before we reach the cliff, making some of the more draconian and ugly solutions less necessary. Though perhaps it is already a case of “too little too late”.

  6. Interestingly, VR is one of the few costs a mangina cannot deflect. Women everywhere must take the SMV hit, and manginas cannot block this without blocking the technology itself, for which they are woefully too late (manginas are wrongfully focused on sexbots > 10 years away, completely oblivious to the VR tech that is right around the corner).

  7. […] Robôs Sexuais continuam bem longe da realidade assim como estavam em 2010, mas o Sexo de Realidade Virtual não está. Entretanto, ainda existem ignorantes tecnológicos que se fixam na expectativa de robôs que não […]

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