May 302016

Since today is Memorial Day, let’s remember how our servicemen are being treated such as how the military is using the excuse of “fighting sexual harassment” to avoid treating servicemen suffering from PTSD to how judges are ignoring the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to deny servicemen their parental rights.  Our servicemen are putting their lives on the line for us, and those two cases are chilling examples of how our men in uniform are getting treated.

As we see with the example of servicemen getting denied PTSD treatment under the banner of “fighting sexual harassment”, mental heath issues are a big problem for servicemen.  The biggest mental health problem for servicemen is not PTSD or anything related to combat.  As I found on End Women’s Sufferage, it’s the wives of servicemen cheating on them:

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Active duty psychologists in the military are constantly dealing with servicemen having mental health problems due to their wives cheating on them while the servicemen are deployed.  The servicemen are deployed to hostile combat zones where they risk injury and death.  What are their wives doing as soon as they’re gone?  Cheating on them.  No wonder the servicemen are developing mental health disorders in such a situation.  This is so bad that servicemen with no history of mental health problems are developing mental health disorders.  It is so common that active duty psychologists are constantly dealing with this.

The psychologist above points out the vast amount of money being spent just because the wives of servicemen can’t stay faithful.  But, I’m more concerned about the servicemen themselves.  Servicemen have an unusually high suicide rate.  If their wives just kept their legs shut while they were deployed, the suicide rate for servicemen would be much lower.

  9 Responses to “The Biggest Psychological Problem Our Servicemen Are Facing”

  1. Yeah, It’s true All women are this way as soon as you’re out the door she’s in like flint on the Cock carousel! NEVER MARRY EVER!

  2. This has been a problem for longer than most people realize. During WW2, soldiers’ wives often had to fantasize about their husband off on daring adventures to rationalize cheating. Nowadays, solipsism is so ingrained that a woman will simply assume she can cheat without thinking about it, then wonder why you’re so upset.

    What we see in the picture is one of the few people willing to call women out en masse for their poor behavior. For some reason, this isn’t common in our society, even when such behavior has serious consequences. The requirement to mask these choices can be seen as a part of our culture that hasn’t yet been corrupted. Hence the need to lionize single mothers. From this, we can conclude that the absence of public rationalization for cheating means that the culture will likely side with the cheating wives, rather than the soldier suicides they create.

  3. In other news :

    Forbes revises down Theranos founder’s net worth from $4.5B to zero.
    When I first heard about her, I genuinely wanted her to succeed, as she is a real entrepreneur unlike the other ‘women in tech’ moochers/Sheryl Sandberg, and never said a whole lot of feminist crap (unlike Sheryl Sandberg). Even if she came from a wealthy family and had a lot of contacts, a lot of men with those advantages do nothing with them.
    BUT, scratch the surface, and the whole thing fell apart.

  4. Good stuff. Can you link to the original comment?

  5. I’m sorry for the different screen name. I usually use the name The Adversary. The long post was mine.
    The thread was unfortunately removed, and they also removed another thread where I was able to prove the exact same thing.
    They get triggered by Rape! Rape! Rape! and leave the far worse crimes that I was talking about untouched.
    Those people are academics. The entirety of society trusts them to be honest and fair. Education, mental health, law enforcement all take
    their word as gospel; They’re effectively the new priesthood. But they’re extremists. Especially because they regard killing a woman
    as a lesser evil than rape so their ideology is completely illogical; It doesn’t even help women!

    A science journalist called John Horgan wrote a piece in the Scientific American outlining problems in the Sceptical community.
    I wrote some comments on this that might be interesting. Especially one of the last comments by me on IQ tests I think is especially
    relevant to combat this epidemic of false science. There’s also a thread where I was able to show that most religions
    actually trump modern theories like multiverses in evidence. After all, there is not a single shred of evidence for multiverses,
    but Mohammed _did_ conquer the Middle East by himself and established a society that lasted for a very long time even ushering in a Golden Age.
    You still might not accept this as enough evidence, but it’s more than multiverse has. The physical theories that modern scientists peddle
    are actually more crap than religion. The religious theory of Islam is therefore _more_ scientific than many currently popular physical theories.
    So, RadFem and utter stupidity, that’s modern day academia! This society is therefore unstable.

    Here’s the thread, I’m TheAdversary :

    • Society isnt unstable its the women

      • Depends on one’s definition of society. It could be argued that ‘society’ essentially IS women since society has always been on some level, gynocentric and placed the needs and wellbeing of women above all else, even children.

  6. Anyone entering the military needs to be educated on how the system they are fighting for is treating men and fathers. In particular the chances of relationship failure after a deployment. If such education were compulsory there would be an overwhelming push for sweeping changes in family law.

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