May 252016

A Sheriff in Idaho admits that the false rape industry is very real:

This Sheriff was willing to admit what most law enforcement knows, that there are many false rape accusations. I found the example he brought up of teenage girls who have consensual sex but make a false rape accusation is very interesting. Part of that is unwillingness on the part of teenage girls to admit they had consensual sex, but as he points out a big part of the problem is when teenage girls get forced to make false rape accusations by their parents. It makes you wonder how many false rape accusations were the results of meddling by third parties. Whatever the answer, it is a waste of time for law enforcement. And as the Sheriff points out, law enforcement is painfully aware of how their time is being wasted.

  5 Responses to “Idaho Sheriff Admits That The False Rape Industry Is Very Real”

  1. Every time I was with a woman in my youth third parties tried to meddle in the situation, sometimes very successfully and thus damaging the girl far more than I ever could have. The saying goes “the busybody is always malevolent” despite their acting as if they have the moral high ground.

  2. This will seem irrelevant to the unsavvy, but is highly relevant to those who can connect the dots :

    Reactions to early, clunky, VR Sex :

    It is not just about absolute the realism of the substitute, but the risk-adjusted, cost-adjusted, and privacy-adjusted comparison between the two.

  3. How much is it worth to avoid a false rape accusation? What percentage of your lifetime earnings? What if your lifetime earnings are $10M? $20M?

    • Ok but for quite the foreseeable future, many men will want to fall in love with a real woman, hoping that the surprises of real flesh and blood will add more and more “profundity” in their rationalizations for love. To your point, the VR porn revolution will happen on the margins and work it’s way around.

      • Ok but for quite the foreseeable future, many men will want to fall in love with a real woman,

        Not a real woman who is only a 5 or lower, as most are or will be in a few short years.
        The desire you mention is for women who are 8s or higher. They don’t have much to worry about from VR substitutes, but they are uncommon in numerical terms.

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