May 052016

Ellen Pao is up to her old tricks. She has started a group to “improve diversity” in the tech industry focusing on startups. Since Ellen Pao is involved, this group is nothing but an attempt to shakedown companies in the tech industry over “diversity”. It is telling that Ellen Pao is focusing on startups. Startups don’t have the resources to fight an extended battle against a group shaking them down with mafia style tactics. She’s hoping that startups will pay her off instead of dealing with the negative publicity she could generate.

Of course, there is a built in problem with what Ellen Pao is doing. Anything having to with “diversity” in the tech industry requires that Asian men be fired which will open up Ellen Pao’s group and any company stupid enough to follow her to discrimination lawsuits from Asian men.

  7 Responses to “Ellen Pao’s Latest War On The Tech Industry”

  1. Since the early 90’s, when I attended college, there were Asian groups claiming reverse determination. One meeting I attended, an Asian man claimed that 20% of the class was Asian and the numbers showed it should be 25-30%. I don’t think it’s gone anywhere because it’s mostly Asian men that were cut out of college, so they were the missing “invisibles.” But in tech the Asian men are visible in the startups so this is a great point in this case.

  2. Not only are Asian men represented disproportionately in tech, but among the few women (particularly in engineering), Asian women are represented disproportionately.

    Her ‘diversity’ is just more ‘free money for women’, because the fact that she is Asian precludes her being a race advocate in tech.

    But I doubt she can shake down many startups. She is ‘incubating’ 18 startups that will all fail outside of government selective support. I don’t think she can shake down other startups easily until they are already big enough to tell her to take a hike (like Uber).

  3. Not sure if this was submitted before, but here is someone saying that female doctors should make full-time pay even if working part-time :

  4. She’s not focusing on startups because they can’t fight and will have to pay. Heck – if you are just after money, focus on big companies that can pay off your blackmail and not even notice it.

    Her hatred is sincere. Startups are where men in tech have fled to: away from zombie giants run by their HR divisions (staffed almost exclusively by women), startups are where talent and ability matters.

    If the SJWs manage to hogtie starups, then men will flee to another way of doing useful business – perhaps just as independent contractors working for one another. Expect that to be targeted, too.

  5. ‘Feminists’ spend $150,0000 to list out 20 ‘sphere blogs and call them ‘rape culture’ :

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