May 212016

As we know, the women in tech movement seeks to remove as many men as possible from the tech industry.  And part of that is targeting Indian men and Asian men working in tech.  Many Asian and Indian men who work in tech are immigrants.  Now, there is a new angle in targeting Asian and Indian immigrants working in tech, using the fact that some visas require their wives to not work.

The article blames “an immigration system focused only on meeting corporations’ needs” which is bullshit by itself since any of these wives of immigrants working in the tech industry could change their visa status.  However, I anticipate that the next target will be the immigrant men working in tech themselves for forcing their wives into an immigration status where they can’t work.  Since the vast majority of immigrant men working in tech are Indian and Asian, this is really an attack on Indian and Asian men working in tech.  Indian and Asian men are already accused of importing “misogyny” into the tech industry, and this visa issue will be used to bolster that attack.  Even with tactics like these, I don’t anticipate this will stop class action racial discrimination lawsuits from Asian and Indian men when the women in tech movement tries to remove them from the tech industry.

  3 Responses to “A New Angle In The War On Asian And Indian Men Working In Tech”

  1. I think you’re being a bit too optimistic if you think men will ever get the chance to file a class action lawsuit against anyone for any reason.

    asians are practically considered white, and india has already been infested by feminism. so a racism lawsuit would only work if the court agrees that “hatred of women by indian men is just part of their culture.” we still lose the frame of the argument by surrendering it to the belief that women are actual victims.

  2. Very nice article. One correction – you use the terms Asian and Indian as if they are different populations. However, Indians *are* Asians. I am guessing that when you use the term Asian, you really mean *East* Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, etc.). Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Sri Lankans are South Asians. People from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (a.k.a, Asia Minor), etc. are West Asians. Saying Asians and Indians would be like saying Californians and Americans. Otherwise, nice article.

    • Yes, but there are also specific attacks that single out Indian men working in tech. So you can’t just fold Indian men working in tech into the greater group of Asian men working in tech even if it doesn’t quite work out grammatically.

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