Apr 142016

Several commenters in my last post pointed out (correctly) that the women saying that consensual sex leads to men murdering women and engaging in cannibalism of women were engaging in projection.  I have continued to read more of the GenderCritical subreddit, and these women are clearly engaging in project.  I found the ultimate example.  Take what this woman said in defense of women having women only spaces:

Do you think male only rape crisis centres should be open to women?

Do you think male only PTSD centres should be open to women?

The response to that comment was to point out that there is only one male only rape crisis center and no such thing as a male only PTSD center (and that the woman who wrote that was making shit up).  This clearly shows that the women on the GenderCritical subreddit are engaging in projection.  The only reason that anyone would think a male only rape crisis center is necessary is because women demanded that all the other rape crisis centers be exclusively female.  (The same is true of domestic violence shelters.)

The PTSD center comment is what really shows that these women are engaging in projection.  Until I read this comment, I (and every other rational individual) had never considered that PTSD is gendered in any way.  Gender specific PTSD centers are not necessary so none exist.  I tried to come up with how a male only PTSD center might be created, but the only thing I could come up with was a PTSD center that served veterans and current servicemembers.  Even that is not a male only PTSD center because women serve in the military.  This is why these women are engaging in projection.  They think that there everything needs a special variant made for women.  Men know that most things a male or female specific.  Men understand that PTSD affects both men and women so having separate PTSD centers for each gender is silly.  However, the women at the GenderCritical subreddit are so obsessed with everything having a separate version for women that they don’t understand that men don’t think that way.  The woman who wrote the comment about male only PTSD centers just assumed men must think like her so men must have created male only PTSD centers.  She was projecting so much that she didn’t bother to check if there was such a thing as a male only PTSD center.  That is why this is such a good example of how women always engage in projection.

  3 Responses to “Where Are All Of The Male Only PTSD Centers?”

  1. We need to create more male only spaces, even if they are not needed. We need to do so to teach women that men have boundaries and deserve their own space.
    I want male only spaces to open up, women to rage about them, and them be powerless to stop it.

    • At least the Internet has this meme: “There are no girls on the Internet. Tits or GTFO.”

  2. Part of our problems came from the fact women never let boys to have a space of their own. Mothers always say “sexism!” or “that’s sexist!” and make boys to let girls in. Male only spaces are a need.

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