Apr 062016

One way the tech industry, gaming, CEOs, etc. is accused of being sexist is by using the ratio of men to women in those areas.  At the End Women’s Suffrage blog, I found the perfect way to use their own “logic” against them:

This shows us the perfect defense to use against accusations of sexism in these areas.  The same people making those false accusations are also very pro transgender.  To them being in a male body doesn’t necessarily mean that person is a man.  Since they believe that, how do they not know that the male/female ratio in the tech industry or gaming isn’t 1 woman for every man?  They can’t without being transphobic according to their own politics.

The next time someone says the tech industry, gaming, or anything else that has more men than women is sexist, accuse them of transphobia.  According to their politics, they can’t know that there is more men than women just by looking at them.  Their politics says that just because someone looks like a man, it doesn’t mean that they are a man like the conversation above points out.  Use their own politics against them.

  10 Responses to “The Perfect Defense Against Accusations That The Tech Industry, Gamers, Etc. Are Sexist/Misogynist”

  1. Entitlement princess : Part time women should get the same pay as full-time men :


  2. I am not sure ‘transphobia’ matters to those sluts. Far better is to sway sensible onlookers by pointing out that men are 93% of workplace deaths and 80% of suicides. Men are also 99% of military troop deaths.

    • yea they don’t actually care about the plight of the trans (whatever that might be) but the argument ultimately backs them into a corner and forces them to surrender frame in front of others.

      the “sensible onlookers” had their chance to take sides, and they sided with pussy and short term pleasure over long term peace and stability. now things are falling apart, it’s too late for them to change anything.

      if they didn’t give a shit about male suicides and workplace deaths before, they sure don’t know. that’s “male privilege.”

    • Of course they don’t care about “transphobia”, but they say they do. That’s the key. It calls them out and forces them to hold to their rhetoric on transexuals in which case they can’t attack anything that is predominantly male or they get exposed as frauds and hypocrites. It’s a useful tactic.

  3. Once again, some industry is accused of being “misogynist”, “sexist”, etc., because inexperienced and unqualified women aren’t automatically being put in highly-paid, high-status positions of leadership…
    (YAWWWN) So…what else is new? The feminists/SJWs/Leftists/Marxists have been beating THAT drum for how long now?
    This crowd has so incredibly overused the words “misogyny” and “sexist” to the point that they are just as vague, nebulous, and muddled as “rape” and “harassment”.

    • because inexperienced and unqualified women aren’t automatically being put in highly-paid, high-status positions of leadership…

      Government, and industries distorted by govt (healthcare and education) made them think that is normal, and thus set that expectation. Lo and behold, tech startups don’t roll that way (and can’t)..

  4. Very nice. It’s good because it’s not defense, it’s offense. Ram their imbecile malice back down their throats.

  5. I imagine they could say the majority of men self identify as men. However, whenever I have to fill out a form for “diversity” purposes, I always put “prefer not to answer” for sex. I don’t believe there is ever any upside to stating that you’re a man, so I’d guess everyone should do this.

    • Sure, the majority of men self identify as men. However, the tech industry, for example, does have a higher percentage of transsexuals than the general population. That isn’t saying much, but it is enough to use accusations of transphobia against accusations of sexism/misogyny. A few government forms does not matter since anyone can argue that they are worried about transphobia.

  6. […] is an example of why accusations of transphobia should be used against accusations of sexism/misogyny.  Let the male to female transsexuals and women fight over what the women in “women in […]

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