Apr 122016

I have been reading more of the GenderCritical subreddit I talked about in my last post.  I found out that consent is a way women get raped and murdered:

“Consent” is a way for men to rape women legally. think about the things they talk about like “consensual” cannibalism! You can have the most blatant rape now nowadays and the man just says “I thought it was consensual” and that’s that. Never mind that for example he had restrained her, hit her, or even killed her, or that people heard her scream (used to be the old legal rape method – make her too afraid to scream), or that he damaged her vagina (funny how as soon as that one became the rape standard there began a campaign to flood all of society with violent porn and claim all women like that) or that she was half unconscious – if she “consented” that’s all fine apparently.

Yeah, we hear about all those cases where a man murders a woman, and he gets off by saying that he had consensual sex with her.  What are the feminists on the GenderCritical subreddit smoking?

My favorite part of this was how the feminist who wrote this brought up cannibalism.  I would be real money that this feminist thinks that men secretly (or maybe not so secretly) eat women.

  7 Responses to “Consent Leads To Women Getting Murdered?”

  1. Women always project. This girl has a ‘vore’ fetish. Don’t google it at work.

    • I was about to post the same thing.

      Feminism is just about female projection.

      Not going to google that vore thing ever.

    • Yes, it is projection. My next post will point out an example that shows this to be the case conclusively.

      • One way that a female brain differs from a male brain is that a female can be described to focus intensely on the Theory of Mind; that is, that specific other objects in the environment, like people or pets, are doing thinking and have emotions like one’s own mind. This seems to hold women’s attention strongly during conversations.

        Imagine for the moment, that this intense “empathy”, created by brain wiring and hormones, goes off the rails for whatever reason. That it becomes extreme, if you will, perhaps by being imbalanced with wrong levels of estrogen. That is a recipe for this extreme paranoia, as in the OP.

        In this study, 76% of the patients with Delusional Disorder were women:


        In this study, women had up to a 6 times greater risk of Late-Onset Psychosis (after age 45) than men, especially if only paranoid states were considered.


        In these clinical cases, if women are able to function outside of institutions, well, they could spend their days blogging nonsense like in the OP. And manginas and other women will take some of these paranoid rants seriously. Cripes.

  2. Adds new meaning to the phrase: “eating pussy”.

  3. […] Several commenters in my last post pointed out (correctly) that the women saying that consensual sex…  I have continued to read more of the GenderCritical subreddit, and these women are clearly engaging in project.  I found the ultimate example.  Take what this woman said in defense of women having women only spaces: […]

  4. maybe then women need to just woman up and accept it. if rape is this common, then it should just be legal.

    nobody gives a shit about female tears anymore.

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