Mar 212016

An anonymous commentor brought to our attention that the UN is making a push towards mandatory paternity leave.  The key word there is mandatory.  The UN is not saying that businesses that can afford it may want to consider offering paternity leave or that men should have the choice of taking paternity leave if offered.  The UN is explicitly saying that men must be forced to take paternity leave because maternity leave oppresses women due to the fact that maternity leave creates an incentive for businesses to hire men.  The UN has admitted that the only way for men and women to be equal at work is to “handicap” men.

This is not the only case where it is suggested that men need to be “handicapped” in the workplace.  At the Good Mangina Project, which recently has become the Scared Shitless of Donald Trump All The Time Project, a feminist discovered that one of the reasons for the so called wage gap was that men work more hours. This immediately becomes that women are being oppressed by men working “too many hours” because it creates an incentive to hire men.  Again, the solution is to “handicap” men when it comes to working.

I chose the word “handicap” for a reason because what we are seeing is the prequel to Harrison Bergeron.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Harrison Bergeron, it is a science fiction short story about a future America where anyone of above average intelligence, strength, etc. has to be handicapped to the lowest common denominator.  For example, anyone who was more intelligent than a moron would be “handicapped” by implants that prevent that person from mentally concentrating.)  Feminists are treating Harrison Bergeron as a how to guide.  Right now, they are trying to “handicap” men by throwing roadblocks in their work and careers by forced paternity leave and forced limits on how much we can work.  When that fails to bring men down to the level of women, the next step will be to try to force men to use the “handicaps” that are described in Harrison Bergeron.  Of course, this will lead to the worst economic depression in history, but feminists will just blame that on men.

  15 Responses to “The Prequel To Harrison Bergeron”

  1. We are already at the lowest common denominator. Look at schools, the labor market, etc. Everything has to be tailored so that the stupid and slow do not feel offended (and, consequently, never feel the need to improve themselves). I bought a ladder a few months ago. These days, ladders come with a myriad of warning stickers such as, “don’t use this product on ice” and “don’t lean this ladder against electrical wires”. Why? because some mental giant got killed by doing something stupid with a ladder in the past. I’m so sick of protecting people from themselves. In nature, the weak and stupid are supposed to die. They are eliminated from the gene pool and that’s how the species gets better.

    Feminists claim that women are equal to men. But every time there is an accommodation created for them, it demonstrates just how unequal they really are. Why do we need alimony if women are equal? or college admission quotas? or waivers of physical standards if they want to work in law enforcement? or mandatory paternity leave? “We are equal but we need help being equal”… Do they realize how stupid they sound ????

    • They should stupid only to the small fraction of humans who are red pill.

      To the vast majority, none of this is visible, since their brains are still wired for FI.

  2. These Harrison Bergeron-style regulations are just paving the way for AI to come in and flatten all these obstructions to the free market.

    It is really quite obvious in its inevitability. Too much power has been given to women and manginas, who could not grasp how AI affects the workforce/productivity/business models if their lives depended on it.

  3. And how will they handicap single men?

  4. In a way, this Harrison Bergeron procilivity among feminists is the most pro-capitalism, libertarian force there is, because it greatly disadvantages large organizations in favor of very small ones.

    The solo entrepreneur, or team of 5, is in a better position relative to a big corp than ever before, under the Harrison Bergeron push. Fem-sluts think that each organization is a planet unto itself, and have no idea how to measure a ‘job not created in the first place’.

    • And this is why feminists have declared war on startups and open source software. Startups are those small businesses that can be free of feminist infiltration (until they get bigger). Open source software allows small businesses to do more. Both are a threat to feminists so they scream “misogyny” in an attempt to destroy them.

      • Of course, because decentralized innovation changes the hierarchy, and makes it hard for women to decide who to get impregnated by.

        But mandatory paternity leave and other Harrison Bergeron approaches just strengthen small innovation at the expense of big organizations.. So the femtards defeat themselves…

      • I believe it was Man-Woman Myth who pointed out that businesses need to have at least 5 employees before they are subject to discrimination lawsuits. So the law tacitly agrees that at least five men are needed at a job before it can support the dead weight of a woman.

  5. let them pass laws forcing women to financially support men! lolol

    Because the fact that women will not support men somehow oppresses women, because it makes men work harder to win female approval .

    The dependent role is oppression, so lets force men into it to make them pay women back! lol

  6. mandatory parental leave is great for MGTOW.

    Also any privilege a woman gets, men have to get, it is a simple as that. If it is enforce, I do not care.

    Let married men bear more burdens.

  7. This is ingenius, make married men loose companies as much as women, instead of kicking women out, or force women to sign no getting pregnant while on the job contracts, in order to make women more productive.

    The logical conclusion to a country which worships & pedestalises useless whores & sluts, while fanatical lesbian male hate groups get to choose public policy against men

    • ” force women to sign no getting pregnant while on the job contracts, in order to make women more productive”.

      Surely you jest.

      That will never happen.

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