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Millennial women support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton for President by a wide margin.  Now that the “Berniebros” attack on Sanders supporters has failed, feminists are trying other tactics that clearly won’t work.  Gloria Steinem is saying that millennial women who support sanders are doing so to meet young men.  Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright is telling millennial women that there is a special place in hell for them for supporting Sanders over Clinton.  Specificially, Albright said, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

Why aren’t millennial women simply voting based on their vaginas?  They shouldn’t need old feminists to tell them to vote for Hillary, right?  It’s not because they are opposed to feminism (even if they swear up and down that they are not feminists).  There are a lot of millennial woman who unconsciously (or maybe consciously) know that the traditional feminist and SJW rhetoric of Hillary Clinton isn’t not good for them.  Sure, Clinton may become President, but that is bad in the long term for women.  A Hillary presidency and her policies will just create more MRAs, more MGTOWs, and will create more fertile ground for more #GamerGates.  Sanders seems like the safer choice for Democrats in this case.

Of course, the only difference between Sanders and Clinton, is that with Clinton will drive us off the feminist cliff at 100 MPH whereas Sanders will do it at 85 MPH.  (That’s because Sanders is against a bit of feminism like rape cases being tried by colleges.)  Sanders won’t save young women.  At most, he will delay the world of hurt young women will be in by a couple of years.

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  1. It’s not because they are opposed to feminism (even if they swear up and down that they are not feminists).

    This is important, since too many people see this development and think that ‘feminism’ is ending. It also leads to excessive focus on the differences between ‘waves’ of feminism, which is a grossly incomplete comprehension of the real issue.

    At most, he will delay the world of hurt young women will be in by a couple of years.

    That is why the influx of Muslim men into the West, while undesirable, still has a necessary ‘Rough Karmic Justice’ and ‘Nature Hates a Vacuum’ component to it.

    Not only did they start harassing/groping women within mere days of their arrival, they are being sent a clear message by the state that this behavior will not be punished. If Muslims decide that groping Western women is more fun than being a suicide bomber, not only does that save lives, but the costs of ‘feminism’ are transferring onto those who voted for these politicians (and will STILL vote for them again and again) after this.

    As it provokes more WKNs like Angelo Gage to get apoplectic, more women will vote in more Muslims, in a cycle.

    Rotherham was a tragedy, as the victims were minors. But Cologne was entirely a boomerang…

    • How do you think the muslim men are going to treat the native men? Run up to us,hug us and call us “brother”? No,chances are we would be required to convert to Islam or be put to death. Boko Haram kidnapped Christian girls. They murdered Christian boys.

      • Then I will convert to Islam on paper. It is possible to be a Muslim without even going to the Mosque.


  2. I must say, Roosh held a press conference and did well :


    Whatever his other flaws, he is doing more to damage ‘feminism’ than any so-called MRAs.

    Meanwhile, Dean Esmay attacks Roosh for ‘being a rapist’. The ‘sphere of just a dozen core bloggers still can’t help but being a circular firing squad.

    Kudos to Roosh making a million feminists age rapidly and get hypertension…

  3. The older feminists want Hillary in office not because she would make a good president, or because she will advance their agenda, but simply and purely so they can feel that they have “won”. Young people, who will have to spend the next 4 and probably another 4 being governed by this war pig whose record as secretary of state is a litany of mistakes and failed wars, are taking a longer view. Hillary cannot appeal to the democrat base, because she is simply republican lite.

  4. By the time the General election rolls around, this will not matter.

    The likely Republican nominee, Rubio (betting has him almost at 60%), is anti abortion even in the case of rape and incest. He also wants women to register for the selective service.

    He’s a beta male (seriously look at his wife’s reaction when he hugs her). Women instinctively will be repulsed by him.

    Rubio is basically a feminist already (he sponored a bill preventing college men accused of sexual misconduct from being able to defend themselves), and since he is already a feminist he will not be able to defend himself or win his case.

    So when the women’s groups start raising money and propagandizing, they’ll raise a lot and get a lot of converts. They’ll also get the credit for the Democrat win.

    And we’ll get feminist excess the likes not seen before even in the 1990s.

    I wish this weren’t true.

    • If you *truly* want a rapid and violent destruction of many misandric fortresses, Hillary in the WH is not a negative at all. She will create a lot more MRAs, MGTOWs, and Muslims.

      I welcome the ‘Who Bitch Dis Is?’ Presidency…..

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