Feb 042016

Yahoo is being sued by a MALE former employee who is accusing the company of discriminating against him on the basis of his sex. Looking at the facts, it’s clear that he (and other men) are being discriminated against for being men.  Despite the facts, I don’t expect this lawsuit to be successful, but the results of the lawsuit won’t matter to Yahoo.  Yahoo is already in a death spiral, and getting rid of their male employees is only making things worse.

This lawsuit is a public announcement for men to avoid working at Yahoo if Yahoo is hiring.  It also gives Yahoo’s male employees more motivation to find a new job (if they weren’t aware already that Yahoo is a misandrist hell hole on the verge of collapse.)  Yahoo won’t be able to replace the men who are leaving or laid off with women who are equally as productive as the men.  It’s time to start a death watch for Yahoo.  The only reason that Yahoo has survived this long was that it made an investment in Alibaba several years ago.  If Yahoo hadn’t did that, Yahoo would have already shut down.

  7 Responses to “Yahoo Death Watch”

  1. Milo Y does more activism in a week than the old-time MRAs like ‘Angry Harry’ and other such non-entities have done in 20 years :

  2. Angry Harry has done great work. Don’t be silly. A 2 week perspective helps nothing

    • No, he has not. I have observed him and other MRAs for years. To overrate the minimal work done by Angry Harry is silly (about 10 minutes of work a year). His website it pathetic (circa 1996-era design), no traffic, and no presence. His name is not mentioned in the ‘sphere by any of the major bloggers.

      Most MRAs do no real activism. Angry Harry is a symbol of this.

  3. Yahoo has sucked for a long time now. It has stagnated so badly.

    I remember them slowly killing off their chatrooms.

    I miss the old yahoo chatroom community, and yahoo messenger.

  4. Yahoo’s share price has nose dived ever since Marisa Meyer took the reins. But it’d be sexist to point that out, wouldn’t it?

  5. Sad.

    But I admit to supporting Yahoo, if only because they were the only company to try to resist the US govt.’s spying demands.

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