Feb 192016

All of you have must have heard how Twitter has started a “Trust & Safety Council” to get (alleged) trolls off the service.. This council includes Anita Sarkeesian among others. I don’t expect this council to have any effect because Twitter’s former CEO admitted that they suck at dealing with trolls.

Twitter is in a really precarious position because it needs more users but isn’t getting them. Trolls aren’t the reason for this. The reason Twitter can’t get more users is that they have turned Twitter into a hive of feminist/SJW censorship and their overall mismanagement of the service. Twitter’s “Trust & Safety Council” can’t fix these problems, but in can embolden trolls who will troll Twitter even more to show how impotent Twitter is. I recommend to all trolls reading this to step up their trolling on Twitter. Twitter needs to die, so let’s troll Twitter to death.

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  1. High profile stories of people getting arrested for tweets is not helping them.

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