Feb 252016

Men are being accused of sexually harassing virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana.. To call this nonsense would be an insult to regular plain old nonsense. A virtual assistant is nothing more than a computer program that makes sounds that approximate a female (or male) voice. It is no where near an artificial intelligence so a virtual assistant can not be considered a person under any circumstances. What really proves that this is BS is that no one has talked about a virtual assistant with a male voice being sexually harassed.

I predict that the next thing in this vein will be feminists accusing men of raping virtual assistants. That makes even less sense than virtual assistants being sexually harassed but this will happen. We are lucky that there is an easy way to avoid being accused of raping your virtual assistant. Only use a virtual assistant with a male voice. Feminists will still accuse you of being a misogynist for using a male voice in your virtual assistant, but they will accuse you of being a misogynist regardless of what you do.

  6 Responses to “Feminists Will Accuse Men Of Raping Siri & Cortana”

  1. Only use a virtual assistant with a male voice.

    Why? The Fembeasts cannot press charges as a third party. The alleged victim has to press charges.

    At any rate, what will the Femtrolls do when VR Sex starts becoming available? They will shriek, but the men using it are not available for comment, and Fems won’t know who is using it when and who isn’t.

    • The “only use a virtual assistant with a male voice” was part joke, part showing feminists to be hypocritical, and part reasserting the absurdity in the idea that a basic computer program can be sexually harassed.

      That aside, I wouldn’t be so certain that feminists won’t at least try to have someone declared a rape victim without that person’s consent and try to bring up charges as a third party. It sounds completely insane, but we would have said the same about colleges handing alleged rape cases back in 2010.

      • Cops do third party arrests already, if they think you raped someone or dv’d someone, even if they insist otherwise they’ll arrest the party on your behalf anyway …

  2. Femnists like these will only be happy when all Men are in Concentration Camps like the Jews…
    Picking something that can’t defend itself or make it’s own choices, typical….
    And this shows how scared to crap they are of A.I, because they know, when we Men, get the real deal, we will pick it in a second over any Women….

  3. I have to believe that if truly quality VR porn and/or even less explicit erotic social interactions come about through VR, the sucking sound of men leaving the room will be so noticeable, and the silence thereafter so profound that it will be surprising to the majority of women, and TradCons.

  4. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a campaign by feminists to make rape acceptable in society. If everything becomes rape then by definition rape itself will have to become acceptable.

    Of course it’s a win for feminists because it will be their way of making men responsible for everything and women become responsible for nothing. But as I’ve always said,

    Responsibility without authority is slavery.
    Authority without responsibility is tyranny.

    It makes the term Feminazi scarily accurate in that light.

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