Jan 222016

Twitter has been having a lot of problems lately. The stock has been dropping like a rock. It was offline for many users for an extended period of time. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of the collapse of Twitter because we will better off without Twitter.

Why does Twitter need to die? It’s because Twitter is centralized. Thus Twitter has a monopoly on microblogging, and it’s easy for feminists/SJWs to take over and censor anything they don’t like. There are potential alternatives to Twitter out there which prevent this by design so the death of Twitter would be a good opportunity to replace Twitter with one of the alternatives.

GNU Social is an example of a Twitter alternative. It is decentralized and federated, just like how email works. With email you can choose among many different providers, and it is the same with GNU Social. Thus feminists/SJWs can’t take it over just as they can’t take over email. GNU Social also has the benefit of being open source so you are in control of your microblogging data instead of a bunch of feminists/SJWs in San Fransisco. (This is a reason why feminists have declared war on open source software. Open source software puts software developers and users in control of their software and data instead of feminists/SJWs.)

Killing off centralized social media services will weaken feminism. Any time there is an opportunity to replace social media with a decentralized and federated alternative, we need to take it.

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  1. I am going to do a video about this concept,

    The idea of twitter dying must be spread.

    Are their any other groups who would be interested in boycotting twitter?

    People have been thrown in jail over twitts, but not over youtube comments, wonder why that is.

    • Potentially lots of groups would be interested in boycotting Twitter, but what they need to know is that there are alternatives to Twitter like GNU Social. And it’s not a boycott either. Twitter changing its policies is not a solution because microblogging needs to be decentralized. Twitter needs to be shot in the head.

      • There are other alternatives to twitter, including even various open source scripts readily available and some dark web alternatives as well. Sona on FreeNet Project comes to mind instantly on the dark web.

        I for one want to develop a pro free speech network that’s also capable of video and revenue sharing, my problem is I lack the finances to do it and I’d rather not get investors and have it go into that sort of debt on account that I lose the ability to provide free speech.

  2. I am spamming this all over facebook.

    I don’t have a twitter account.

  3. 17 equations that built civilization :


    That all are invented by men (even the modern ones) is not the point.

    The point is that of the few people who would even have any interest in seeing this, are almost all men. Women are more interested in writing love letters to serial killers.

  4. In good news, the Indo-Caribbean chick who became violent for no reason was suspended from her Medical residency.


    * She was a fourth year resident, so this was probably the final or penultimate year of her residency. She snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
    * Wow, 12 years of work (4 years BS, 4 years MD, 4 years Residency) now gone.

  5. I switched to pale moon on your advise.

    Can you perhaps list some alternative platforms to twitter/facebook?

  6. The list of decentralizad apps for tamerlame:

    GNU Social – Twitter equivalent?
    Pump.io – in between??
    Diaspora – Facebook equivalent
    MediaGoblin – Youtube equivalent
    yet, so phones more often than not carry priceless information. And that is besides the fact that not everyone is tech-gifted.

    Very weird to see all my interests clash into this site, the idea of ‘Tech ending feminism’, Anti-Aging Tech, debunking Peak Oil, github and now decentralization.

    Too bad I feel like hiding my identity a bit, due to not wanting to associate with this site too much. I’m putting a disclaimer below just in case to clear up where my viewpoint differ.

    — Disclaimer (short version) —

    I just can’t agree with MGTOW/MRA and probably not even PMAF as my opinion on feminism differs.
    Feminists don’t just die by tech, they exist by the lack of it and are just exploiters of a scarcity (= relationships with women) so easy to exploit, that it pales by comparison with any other exploited scarce resource in history.
    It requires women no effort, no work and the intelligence of no more than an ant to exploit this. They don’t even have to lift a finger.
    I am of the opinion however that the scarcity is a quantity issue and that the only quality required is to be of marriageable age (15-45). This is around 1.05 in the world and while there was a historical bad but still manageable “solution”, this option is no longer possible since the 1970’s due to a declining or static birthrate and higher life expectancy.
    The character of women in general has nothing to do with it.
    The character between men and women I believe are very similar, especially on a moral level.
    If feminists and an equivalent of male supporters thus would ceases to exist tomorrow, the problem of the scarcity would still exist and therefore little changes.
    Feminists are not the instigators of the problem, just the exploiters.
    And that’s where I feel I differ from PUA/MGTOW/MRA’s, especially PUA’s with their “alpha male/game/ladder” theory.

    Also, didn’t like the article of PMAF was dissing a poor fat woman for trying to fish out her iphone and getting stuck in the gutter. The decentralization revolution hasn’t happened yet, so phones more often than not carry priceless information. And that is besides the fact that not everyone is tech-gifted.

  7. The antifeminist (Schopenbecq) has done yeoman work in chronicling how Manboobz Futrelle is a pedophile :


    The proof is damning.

    The most committed manginas are almost always creepy predators or deviant degenerates in disguise. Being a ‘male feminist’ is the perfect cover for such a deviant, really.

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