Dec 122015

Anon reminded us that in the San Bernardino shooting 9 of the 14 victims were male.  That’s nearly two thirds of the victims.  Yet, a significant amount of coverage of the shooting would make us think that the victims were only women.  For example, the Huffington Post said that “patriarchy pulled the trigger” at San Bernardino.  At ManBoobz, commenters blamed MRAs, MGTOW, & 4Chan for San Bernardino because they allegedly “encourage” such incidents.  The message from these examples is clear.  It is that men can’t be victims, and women can’t be perpetrators.

The San Bernardino shooting proves that both parts of that belief is a myth.  First, most of the victims were male (as with other alleged “anti-woman” shootings like the Isla Vista shooting).  Second, while Syed Farook was a shooter, so was his wife, Tashfeen Malik.  Additionally, it was Malik who radicalized Farook and not the other way around.  She was the primary mover behind the San Bernardino shooing, and she manipulated her husband into participating in the shooting.  Had it not been for her, Farook would have never killed or attacked anyone.

While the belief that men can’t be victims is bad enough, the belief that women can’t be perpetrators is particularly dangerous.  This gives terrorist groups like ISIS the perfect way to organize terrorist attacks with lesser scrutiny if women are believed to be incapable of being perpetrators.  This isn’t a hypothetical idea that I created.  Anti-terrorism experts are worried about this.  Also, it was recently discovered that there is a secret cell of Muslim women in the UK encouraging other people to join ISIS so women manipulating men into terrorist acts is likely.  Since this flies in the face of blaming “patriarchy” or MRAs, MGTOW & 4Chan for everything bad that happens in the world, don’t expect to hear about it much until it can no longer be ignored.

  4 Responses to “The Belief That Men Can’t Be Victims And Women Can’t Be Perpetrators”

  1. Ulitmately, the use of women by ISIS is inevitable. Maybe not as suicide bombers, but as PR flacks, recruiters, etc.

    Just like lefties advertised that they will not criticize a non-Western culture no matter what (thus telling ISIS how to organize their media message and lawfare), cuckservatives are heavily advertising that whiteknighting and pedestalization are their primary goals above all else. Hence, ISIS will start using women as the ‘face of ISIS’ more often.

    It is the most obvious progression of the whole thing…

  2. Women recruiting men to be violent and warlike? What a shocking, unheard-of, new and novel idea.,_say_Go!.jpg

    Of course, it’s actually beastly men manipulating women into doing this. It’s not like women get a secret little power-trip thrill from doing it.

    • “women recruiting men to be violent and warlike”.They always have in Britain,going so far as to issue 4 white feathers to any man seen out of uniform.That was ww2 but they have always put themselves up as prizes for the best fighters.

  3. Oh, there is more :

    In the attack on the Charlie Hedbo office, 11 of the 12 victims were male, or 92% :

    In the larger, more recent Paris attack, I could not find a filtered list, but from here, it seems that well over half were men, despite the attacks being against nightlife targets :

    And this is France, which has less saturation of feminism than Anglosphere countries…

    I wonder if men instinctively shield women, and women instinctively use men as human shields.

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