Nov 192015

Jesse Powell, the mangina who said that it was all right for men to be imprisoned on false rape charges to protect women, is now saying he’s a MRA.  He has not changed his views in any way, and he admits that.  What he did was take a lot of tradcon bullshit that has nothing to do with MRAs and label it MRA.  Here is an example:

In terms of my psychological development and how I see the world regarding gender relations I am definitely an MRA and always have been. If I was to try to establish a “beginning” of my MRA path or my MRA psychological orientation I would say the “beginning” was my initial effort to declare my love towards and establish a relationship with the woman I loved the most in high school in 12th grade at age 17. That was when I first established in my mind a romantic identity or romantic persona; a sense of self-worth and purpose based on my love for a woman. I had a very rudimentary sense of asserting myself for the purpose of claiming a moral purpose in relation to a woman. What was “MRA” about this first assertion of myself romantically was that it was based on a self-defined morally oriented self-concept where I was trying to associate the romantic feelings I felt with a moral idealistic purpose that would give my romantic feelings moral purpose and moral value. In other words I was setting up for myself a concept of myself as a man in service to a woman on my own terms for my own moral purpose.

The MRM is about things like fixing laws and public policy, not getting a girlfriend in high school (or later).  Clearly, he has no interest in actual MRA issues like fighting the false rape industry.  (It’s obvious he still supports the false rape industry.)  No one can take the term, MRA, and apply it to any old thing like Jesse Powell did.  Words have meaning.

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  1. Is it just me or does this Tradcon fuckwit make ANY SENSE to you what’s with all the Convolution in his “Speech” his writing is an absolute Loop the Loop fucking Circus and the Idiot is a Complete FAIL because in twelfth grade you’re 18 not 17 years old! I hate cunts like Jesse Powell He and His ILK are the reason we are in all this mess in the first place!

  2. I think that more than being a mangina, he is utterly and totally confused. The waterline is about 10 feet above his head.

    He used to be gung ho about jailing innocent men over false rape accusations. But now, despite the gibberish in his post, his blogroll has some red-pill sites. He really has no idea what his position is.

    He is extremely confused. He cannot, for the life of him, grasp how women think, and what works with women. Yet, he cannot associate with Manboobz-type manginas either.

    He is an IQ 85 man trying to grasp IQ 125 material. He cannot.

    • Can’t agree more.

      • I should correct the ‘used to be’ in my post. We should assume he STILL IS ok with innocent men being jailed without due process.

        He thinks he is an MRA who is ok with false accusations sending men to jail.

        The thing is, he just follows what the most recent woman told him to think. He was ok with FRAs because some femtroll told him to think that way. He now thinks he is an MRA because some MRA female interacted with him.

        He has no thought other than ‘obey what the most recent woman told me’. Sort of like a moth going to a lightbulb..

        Jesse Powell is as dumb as a sack of 3-day-old juicer pulp.

  3. As a true tradcon, red pill to the bone man, I find this dimwit pajama boy looking for his next femdom mistress an embarrassment to all men. Hell, even deep blue mangina SJW types and the most deluded white knight husband of Betty Churchian feminist shrike would puke at that. The idea that he is MRA, or anything else even within smelling distance of a red pill of any variety is a joke. Is this a spoof?
    A potent reminder for all to guard the borders against these infiltrators.

  4. A little off topic, but where is poster TFH? Have not seen him here or on Dalrock. His input to the Manosphere has been significant, hope he is ok.

    Does anyone know?

  5. this is the future of feminism.

    they will drop the poisoned feminism label, and claim to be MRAs.

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