Nov 222015

There’s an update in the Aaron Allmon case.  Before Sgt. Allmon’s trial, the maximum penalty was reduced to 15 years in prison from 130 years because it military judge recognized this as abusive charging.  The trial happened, and Sgt. Allmon will have to spend 30 days in jail and be reduced in rank to Staff Sgt.  He was acquitted of allmost all of the original charges.  Still the punishment that Sgt. Allmon received is absurd since he didn’t really do anything.

It turns out this is part of a larger pattern of how the military is treating our men in uniform suffering from PTSD and other combat related mental illnesses.  The military has been using the excuse of the actions of servicemen suffering from PTSD to prosecute, punish, and discharge them from the service rather than treat them.  So far the military has only been able to discharge servicemen suffering from PTSD who act out enough.  Given the existence of the false sexual harassment industry, the military now can use it against servicemen suffering from PTSD like Sgt. Allmon who don’t provice much of an excuse (or any excuse) for the military to discharge them.  Sgt. Allmon is the first example we know about where false sexual harassment charges were used against a serviceman with PTSD, but it is likely that there will be many others.

  4 Responses to “The Military Is Using Fighting Sexual Harrassment To Avoid Treating Servicemen Suffering From PTSD”

  1. If that’s the case, how the military expects to keep, not mentioning to increase, its ranks? A MGTOW alike sitituation is at the gates, waiting to happen. At least, feminists will have to fight, a very disgusting view what’ll make enemies surrender due to puke and terror…

  2. First, let me avoid all sorts of personal attacks to say I have no financial gain from EFT. Even when I say that, sometimes someone will accuse me of spamming.

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    I think the reason it is so hard to get people to look into it, is that it just seems to simple to do any good. I used it on myself (you can do that) on car sickness and insomnia and once sun burn. But, I was an REMF so never saw combat and have no PTSD.

    There are materials one can buy, such as the veteran’s video, which is around $160, but I don’t think it’s from Craig, but I would not recommend spending a cent until you try it on minor issues and become confident it will work. Beware of female on-line experts; few will give you the time of day, free. Gary Craig, and Dawson Church are two top choices.

    Some licensed practitioners will give a few sessions to veterans.

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    He said, yes, I can cook, but I am not going to do it. This is life in Mexico.

  3. Ugh…. file this under the ‘feral feminists can’t handle civilization’ tab, next to the ‘toilet training oppresses feminists’ :

    Gross but necessary.

    Perhaps, long the vein of the ‘Feminist War on XXX’ tab, there can be an associated (and overlapping) ‘How Women Can’t Handle Modern Civilization’ tab….

    That thread is not examined enough, and many dots can be connected..

  4. […] today is Memorial Day, let’s remember how our servicemen are being treated such as how the military is using the excuse of “fighting sexual harassment” to avoid treating servi… to how judges are ignoring the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to deny servicemen their parental […]

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