Nov 252015

Over at Eric S. Raymond’s blog, a person commenting under the name PapayaSF (and others) came up with the perfect response to feminists complaining about open source software.  Just fork it.

The nature of open source software allows for anyone to take the source code and start their own project, AKA a fork.  One good example of this is when OpenBSD was forked from NetBSD.  What happened was that Theo de Raadt was asked to resign as a senior developer of the NetBSD core team.  (It was likely due to personality clashes, although the NetBSD core team said that de Raadt’s contributions will still be welcomed.)  What de Raadt decided to do was fork NetBSD into what became OpenBSD and have OpenBSD focus on security and code correctness.  Since then, OpenBSD has been known for being one of the most (if not the most) secure operating system available.  Additionally, several parts of the OpenBSD base system have been spun off into independent projects which have made their way into other operating systems including Windows.  In other words, you may be using something created by the OpenBSD team right now.

So far feminists have not tried to fork an open source software project.  Instead we end up with indcidents like #OpalGate.  When the feminists and manginas realized that they weren’t going to get their code of conduct added to Opal, instead of complaining, they should have forked Opal.  If the feminists were right that Opal was a haven of misogyny and villany, then a competing Opal with their code of conduct would have blown Opal away to the point were Opal would have been abandonded.  In reality, this is not what would have happened.  What would have happened was that the forked Opal would have had zero development.  All the feminists in control of the new project would have done was argue about the code of conduct while the original Opal would have gotten actual work done.  It would prove that the feminists invading open source software were wrong.  Of course, if you tried to point this out to the feminists in open source, they would probably channel Adria Richards and say that forking is misogynist and has some sort of sexual double meaning.

Forking is a critical part of open source software.  It allows for software reuse and adaptation.  Adding feminist codes of conduct to open source projects would make forking more difficult.  Sometimes for whatever reason, like with the NetBSD to OpenBSD fork, there needs to be a split.  It might be because of personality differences or just a desire to fill a need like a secure open source operating system.  Currently, forking allows for a clean break so that there is no interference with the new project.  Adding feminist codes of conduct to open source projects would give the core developers of the original project undue influence over the forked project.  They could do things like make a bunch of false sexism accusations to shut down the forked project.  That would be a disaster for open source software so we must keep the feminist invaders out of open source.

  4 Responses to “Just Fork It”

  1. But if they’d forked it, they would have lost the existing developers.

    And that exposes the crux of the issue: what they wanted was to impose their code of conduct on an already existing community, not to develop a community of their own.

    In their terms: “ability”, being good at a thing, is a form of unfair privilege. It is morally wrong that dreadful people like male open source developers can get away with having their misogynistic little community simply because they are good at developing. It oughtn’t be allowed.

    • That is: saying “fork it” is an exercise of ability privilege. The developers saying that know perfectly well the the right-thinking-people forking it won’t be able to carry on development, so saying “fork it” is the same as saying “fuck off and die”. It’s basically bullying, is what it is.

      Similarly, the MGTOWs are cruelly denying women the right to marry, have a kid, divorce and get the house. Bullying, again.

  2. Milo’s blatant disregard for genital mutilation, proves anti-feminism is tradcon propoganda

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