Oct 212015

The UN has decided to fight back against #GamerGate showing how their report on “cyberviolence” was a complete joke. In the UN dispatch, #GamerGate is being accused of being associated with “conservative conspiracy theorists”.

There’s a couple of problems with accusing #GamerGate or anyone adjacent to them of being conspiracy theorists.  First, the UN along with the rest of #GamerGate’s enemies has created conspiracy theories about #GamerGate such as that it is a secret organization to abuse women.  Second, the UN “cyberviolence” report quoted Lyndon LaRouche, an actual conspiracy theorist who believes that video games cause murders and that Pokemon is a satanic conspiracy, as a serious source.

The UN and the rest of anti-#GamerGate are a bunch of conspiracy theorists, and they’re accusing #GamerGate of being associated with “conservative conspiracy theorists” to cover up that fact.  That’s all there is to this.

  4 Responses to “Will The Real Conspiracy Theorists Please Stand Up?”

  1. Damn, I used to throw all kinds of shame at conspiracy theorists. These days, I wonder what the big deal is. As if nobody ever cared to conspire. Most natural thing in the world.

  2. The problem is: what is a “conspiracy”? GamerGate

    * does not have leaders that run it
    * is public
    * is not engaged in anything illegal

    It is not a conspiracy. It is a movement.

  3. Patriarchy theory is one of the most patently ridiculous conspiracy theories ever devised. Even if you allow the notion that women were always less powerful
    than men, which is already a complete misunderstanding of the nature of (feminine) power, then still disregarding natural law as an explanation will lead
    you to arguing in favour of a conspiracy between men of all times and of all cultures. That’s so implausible it makes Illuminati theories look rational in
    comparison. Yet this theory, one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories ever, is taken as a given at most universities in the world.
    #PissOnPatriarchy? I prefer the #NoLeakArgument!

  4. Yep the greatest conspiracy theory, that women were oppressed by men dying in coal mines & battlefields

    Only women could come up with something so illogical & half assed

    If you’re stupid enough to believe somebody is oppressed if they die for you, & slave away in coal mines, so you can surf facebook, you’re an insult to conspiracy theorists …

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