Oct 252015

I have decided that the theme on the blog this week will be the feminist war on space exploration because feminists are constantly attacking space exploration from so many angles.  A feminist in the magazine, Scientific American, attacked space exploration as being excessively male (and white and American)Feminists attack space scientists like Dr. Matt Talyor who successfully accomplish new things like landing a probe on a comet over the most trivial of reasons such as his attire.  Feminist website, The Good Men Project, outright lied about NASA’s budget effectively accusing NASA of eating up most of the federal budget.  Feminists have also made space out to be a place where women will get raped.  Feminists have attacked Elon Musk many times.  (I will write about that later this week.)  Feminists have attacked the plaque that was put on the Pioneer 10 probe for “having a man raise his hand in a very manly fashion”:

The plaque shows a man raising his hand in a very manly fashion while a woman stands behind him, appearing all meek and submissive

Here is the Pioneer 10 plaque where a man is being very manly:

And feminist attacks on space exploration aren’t limited to what actually happens.  Feminists have Interstellar, a movie where thanks to space exploration humanity is saved from a dying Earth, as “aggressively masculine”.  They also said that the spaceship in Interstellar was an extension of the penis.

Why do feminists attack space exploration?  The main reason is that space exploration has nothing specifically to do with women.  As we know between 70% to 80% of government spending is a transfer from men to women.  Money spent by governments on space exploration is money not spent on women.  It doesn’t matter that the amount of money spent on space exploration (both by government and privately) is infinitesimal compared to the amount of money spent on women.  Feminists are greedy and want it all.  Attacking space exploration is also an extension of feminist attacks on science such as by Sandra Harding who called Newton’s Principia Mathematica a rape manual.  Space exploration is also very nerdy, and feminists hate nerds as we see with things like #GamerGate.

Something to consider with nerds and space exploration is that space exploration is a way to escape Earth.  In the last several decades, nerds went off on their own and created Silicon Valley and the modern tech industry.  Feminists do not want to see that happen again with space exploration, especially since if nerds move to Mars (or elsewhere in space), they will be out of the reach of feminists.

  11 Responses to “The Feminist War On Space Exploration”

  1. Good.

    If an advanced ET civilization were to judge us, they would quickly conclude what exactly was halting our progress. They may even correct the problem for us as part of the ‘Marshall Plan’ they institute on us to make sure we progress, having probably overcome the same obstacle themselves in the past.

    • I have thought about the alien “Marshall Plan” idea but from the opposite direction. I’m going to talk about this more this weekend, but what if the answer to the Fermi Paradox was that aliens equivalent of women were holding their progress more so than us. In that case we’re the “Marshall Plan” for the universe.

  2. While we cannot begin to imagine how some extraterrestrial life-forms reproduce, what is probably universal is that the scarcer reproductive resource is the one that becomes obsolete first. The scarcer reproductive resource is the one least needed when artificial intelligence arises, and AI is ultimately the only way to spread far beyond one’s original planet (an AI does not need air or water)..

  3. Fake feminist scientist accuses neuroscientists of being neurosexist

    “Rather than drawing on their impressively rich dataset to empirically test questions about how brain connectivity characteristics relate to behavior, the authors instead offer untested stereotype-based speculation,” wrote Fine.

    “These characteristics of the [current] PNAS study are very common in neuroscientific investigations of male/female sex differences, and represent two important ways in which scientific research can be subtly ‘neurosexist,’ reinforcing and legitimating gender stereotypes in ways that are not scientifically justified.”

  4. Well, whenever I see a “space” commercial on TV it shows serious though attractive women dominating the mission control room or managing the software execution as a probe lands on a distant planet or orbiting spaceships dock with each other.

    None are fat and dumpy as you would expect from middle-aged people who would need to spend at least 20 years attaining that level engineering management.

    It seems the purpose of NASA is to convince extra-terrestrials that we are not racist or sexist. Hence we get Muslim women with head scarves in the final tense seconds before mission success. That’ll show the aliens we are not to be trifled with.

  5. So Scientific American has become a bullshit magazine. I remember when it had interesting science articles. It used to be an informative magazine. Now it seems its nothing more than a propaganda machine

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