Oct 052015

There’s a new twitter hashtag out there called #PissForEquality.  Feminists are now pissing in their pants to show solidarity with rape victims who may have incontinence issues.  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.  Here are some examples:

There are some more examples at this link, but it is NSFW.   While #PissForEquality was started by 4chan to troll feminists, it’s disturbing how quickly feminists started pissing in their pants without questioning whether it was a good idea.  Some feminists are now using the hashtag, #PissOnPatriarchy.  I guess that is so they can piss in their pants even more.  Why would feminists want to piss in their pants?  Feminists have also argued that potty training oppresses women.  (Check the link.  It’s not a joke.)  When you know that feminists consider potty training to be oppression it makes sense that they would use any excuse to piss in their pants.  4chan had no idea what they were unleashing by trolling feminists in this manner.

You should have no trouble identifying feminists who #PissForEquality.  That’s because it’s practically a guarantee that they don’t take showers either.  It isn’t due to feminists being lazy (although that’s part of it).  Many feminists will want to keep the stink from pissing in their pants so that men will avoid them.  It’s just like how some feminists are using farts to keep men away from them.

I wasn’t surprised by feminists embracing #PissForEquality, and if you are a long time reader of this blog, you won’t be either.  I have been documenting how filthy (and feral) women have become.  There are even examples on TV of women pissing in their pants such as Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore a few years ago. (When Snooki wasn’t pissing in her pants, she pissed outside like a pet.) And it’s not limited to pissing. In response to the Jersey Shore example a few years ago, Slagmire gave us this example of filthy women:

I became friends with one of my university janitors recently. We shoot the shit early in the morning while I’m doing a little studying in my dorm lounge before class, so he tells me all kinds of crazy stories that the janitors share between each other when they all clock in before work.

He said a hefty chunk of the female janitorial staff is on the verge of quitting because the girls have taken to shitting in the showers when they’re drunk/hung-over, and it’s not just isolated incidents either. It’s gotten so bad that they’re pressuring the university to address the issue directly, and this is a “progressive” West Coast school too, so there you go.

Odd that the stereotype of the ogre man and the neurotically cleanly housewife is completely reversed for young men in their twenties like me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my girlfriend outside before she poos on the rug again.

Unfortunately, I think Slagmire gave us a warning about what feminists will do next after #PissForEquality/#PissOnPatriarchy without realizing it.  Their next hashtag will be #ShitForEquality or #ShitOnPatriarchy where feminists will take a shit in their pants and post pictures of that on Twitter.  The scary thing is that 4chan could easily cause this to happen sooner rather than later.

  8 Responses to “#PissForEquality & #PissOnPatriarchy Have Been Happening For Years Without The Hashtags”

  1. I am numb.

  2. They don’t dare do anything that might get themselves shunned and ostracised by their own little community. They must be seen to be 100% on-board with the program at all times.

  3. AGH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think they are doing it for the fun of it! Juvenile Purely Juvenile!

  4. how pathetic and cowardly is the average woman if she is pissing herself after having sex with a man and regretting it the next day/month/year?

  5. This is SOOO ridiculous that it’s hilarious! Feminists think that potty training and cleanliness is oppressive to women? They also think pissing themselves is going to somehow stop the nonexistent “patriarchy”? ROFLMAO !!! Why stop there ? Why not start the hashtag #shitforequality ? or#vomitforequality? LOL ! Go ahead, feminists. You are not offending anyone, you are just showing how fucked in the head you are! Also, if you are trying to be unattractive to men, cutting your jugular vein is a real turn off, so why don’t you try that? Let’s see how far they go. Really most them are ugly anyway, and if one of them is attractive, just calling yourself a feminist will repel a man like Kryptonite. No man in his right mind would date or fuck a feminist anyway. These bitches have SOOO many issues.

  6. Next dont potty train your daughters, so they can shit on the patriarchy as adults …

  7. The comments section tech raptor is a gold mine of comments …

    Articles like this are a pain in their ass. They can’t let such positive vibes out in the open lest a woman succeeds without feminism.

    Benjamin Wiseman Uranus • 18 hours ago

    Egalitarianism and meritocracy are both part of the patriarchy, Uranus.

    Strazdas Uranus • 2 hours ago

    This article claims that meritocracy is not evil created by patriarchy to keep powerless women down. therefore it must not be allowed to be published.

  8. […] the people who trolled feminists with the #PissForEquality hashtag, have come up with another hashtag that has successfully trolled feminists, #SayNoToMistletoe.  […]

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