Oct 082015

Forbes pulled an article called “There Is No Diversity Crisis In Silicon Valley” from its website for allegedly violating Forbes’ terms of service.   The article is now available at TechRaptor (and other websites).  After reading the article, I can only conclude that the Forbes terms of service prohibits talking about how wildly successful Silicon Valley is.  And that is the real issue here.  Lots of feminists and manginas say that Silicon Valley needs diversity (which really means women), but the success of Silicon Valley proves that this is not the case.  There’s this idea that if Silicon Valley doesn’t become “diverse” (a.k.a. hire a bunch of women who have no business working in Silicon Valley), then some sort of vague calamity is going to destroy Silicon Valley in a manner that is somewhat similar to how Godzilla destroys Tokyo in Kaiju movies.  The article’s great crime was showing this to be nonsense.

  3 Responses to “It’s Against The Forbes Terms Of Service To Show That Silicon Valley Is Successful”

  1. The only diversity crisis in tech (and in STEM) are “diversity hires” that drag the rest of the team down.

  2. Which Godzilla opponent best represents the feminist attack on civilization (aka Tokyo)? I’m thinking Biollante, but am open to suggestions.

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