Oct 122015

Mozilla is working on a new compression format called Brotli.  They were going to use the extension, .bro, for Brotli compressed files.  Bro was also going to be the name of the command line tool and the name of the encoding.  This is harmless, yet since this is Mozilla it went all feminist:

Thanks for pointing that out jyrki, can I talk you out of it? Certainly not too late to change the draft registration. “bro” has a gender problem, even though the dual meaning is unintentional. It comes of misogynistic and unprofessional due to the world it lives in.

This led to an argument with several responses hidden.  They had to consult a feminist from “the North American culture sphere” to decide what to do:

I have asked a feminist friend from the North American culture-sphere, and she advised against bro.

Mozilla has gotten to the point where it has to ask feminists about file extensions.  I’m sure anyone who disagrees will be subject to a witch hunt, since that is how it has handled similar dissent.  If you need another reason not to use Firefox other than the fact that Firefox is progressively becoming a bigger piece of garbage, you have it.

Since I’m sure that there are a lot of people at Mozilla who don’t want to be dictated to by feminists, here is what they should do.  They should create a file format for a sequential look up table with the extension of .slut.  The tool to create .slut files will be called sluts because it generates many .slut files.

  6 Responses to “File Extensions Oppress Women”

  1. […] A tip of the hat to the man behind the Entitlement Princess of the Month awards for this. […]

  2. No more Mozilla… one day it will be renamed as “Bridzilla”!

  3. Well this explains why the last few versions of Firefiox have sucked. Too worried about feminism rather than browser efficiency.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbcHWfSeezM

    Pro Male, here is an interesting video calling out libertarianism for being gynocenteric.

  5. Mo-zilla is short for Mohammed and Mohammed is a MALE arab name. Since it’s male it’s mysoginistic so let’s just make it nameless literally just call the browser
    ” “.

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