Oct 192015

Those of you who follow #GamerGate know about their attempt led by Arthur Chu to eliminate Section 230 of the Communications Disclosure Act, the law that allows Web 2.0 and social networking to exist by protecting companies from liability for user generated content.  Such a law makes sense because if someone wrote graffiti on another person’s garage that named a person and accused them of child molestation, it does not make sense to hold the owner of the garage liable for that.  Despite widespread opposition, it’s clear that #Anti-Gamergate, and Arthur Chu in particular, do not intend to give up this absurd quest.

I’m happy that Anti-#GamerGate is continuing to fight against Section 230.  This is the same mistake that led to the creation of #GamerGate when gaming journalists decided to censor all discussion about Zoe Quinn and declare gamers to be over and misogynists.  Anti-#GamerGate was already a problem for the online rights and privacy crowd with their false DMCA complaints.  What Anti-#GamerGate is doing now is a declaration war against online rights and privacy.  Anyone who cares about online rights and privacy such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation isn’t going to accept the loss of their rights on the internet.

We’re on the way the #Section230Gate or something like that since Arthur Chu and the rest of Anti-#GamerGate won’t stop.  This will be a major disaster for feminism, but bigger than #GamerGate, because this is the start of attacking mainstream political groups.  Feminists will accuse the EFF and similar groups of being misogynists which is obviously absurd to any thinking person.  And Facebook and Twitter and other social media companies will have to defend their businesses against feminism or die.  (Many social media companies will end up committing suicide.)

Just as feminism’s war on gamers led to feminism’s war of online rights and privacy.  Feminism will declare war on communities adjacent to online rights and privacy advocates.  Whoever those adjacent communities end up being, they will be mainstream leading many more men who never thought about feminism to discover the ugly truth about feminism.  Feminists won’t stop even though it is in their best interests to do so just as they should have never attacked gamers.  Think of how many men would still be pro-feminist without #GamerGate.  The same thing is about to happen over and over again since feminists aren’t smart enough to know when it is in their best interests to shut up.

  9 Responses to “Anti-#GamerGate Is Making The Same Mistake All Over Again”

  1. Which is why I don’t get the whole “GamerGate is over” thing coming from GamerGate people. The enemy will not quit but already the squishy types are bored and want to move on.

  2. Sargan of Akkad is a idiot. gamergate is needed more than ever

  3. Chu is a really smart guy. Each of his Salon essays has tons of hyperlinks so he must read a lot and stuff.

  4. Feminists will accuse the EFF and similar groups of being misogynists which is obviously absurd to any thinking person.

    Unfortunately, the EFF has some major manginas in it. Notably Brad Templeton, who was chairman of the board for 10 years. He is one of those ‘transhumanist’ types who says that the male gender is the lesser one.

    • Add Mitch Kapor to that list. He is a founder of the EFF, but his wife is a hardcore radfem and he probably agrees with most of it.

      So if two of their most important people are manginas, it is likely that most of their leadership are manginas.

  5. What makes you think the EFF arent a government funded leftist sjw movement already?

    They have all the players in place already

    You guys dont get it, anita sarkeesian, zoe quinn, & the rest of the sjw’s are plants, theyre hired guns

    The EFF & the vast majority of privacy advocates will fold, they were designed to be compromised

    The internet was always meant to fold, the sjw’s are the plausible deniability

    The sjw’s are the canonfodder, theyre meant to draw the line of fire, so no grass roots counter the real players pushing for the censorship of content

    The sjw’s are the smoke screen

    Look at the divorce courts & abortion, the feminists were the distraction, while the tradcons & christians pushed the divorce rape laws

    The darknets & uncontrollable meshed networks are the future

    An internet in complete control by the users, is the only way to defeat the next wave of attacks on male spaces

  6. The anti-GG-ers are setting themselves up for an obvious attack: people posting nazi slurs on their websites and then suing them. As Putin asked: can’t these people think even one step ahead?

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