Sep 032015

It turns out that women in tech crap is illegal in California, at least if you exclude men from it.  Because a lawsuit was brought against a women in tech company, several women are whining about it and trying to pretend that they were in violation of some sort of old Jim Crow style law.  Needless to say, the article is full of lies.  For starters, the law in question says that there will be no discrimination based on sex (as well as several other categories).  That’s it.  NCFM has documented the rest of the facts about the situation in question.

None of this beats the petition that was created to support the women in tech who are excluding men.  Just look at the title, “PROTECT WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS AND COMMUNITIES FROM ‘EQUALITY-SEEKERS'”.  I know they put scare quotes around “equality seekers”, but this alone makes it clear that these “women in tech” aren’t about equality.  This becomes more clear in this paragraph of the petition:

However, there are many similar lawsuits in California attacking businesses that exclude men from participation, no matter the social good that these businesses promote, and no matter the historical and contemporary gender inequalities that these businesses attempt to remedy. You may find cases against women’s self-defense classes, free mammograms on Mothers Day, promotion of women in sports, special discounts for ladies and many others.

Special discounts for women?  In other words, they’re afraid of losing free money.  I am certain that if a business had special discounts only for men, these women would be the first to use the law they’re complaining about against said business.

We already knew that “women in tech” was filled with hypocrisy.  This is just more proof of it.

  3 Responses to “Women In Tech Is Illegal In California”

  1. The truth is feminists wouldn’t know what the fuck to do with 100% equality.

    They would only feel oppression as the vagina perks they took for granted would be gone

    And only through hard work, charisma, and displays of intellect would anyone give a shit what they thought or how they felt about anything

  2. Slow clap from me. Honestly, I’ll take my silver lining wherever I can get it. As far as I’m concerned, a few willing to fight is better than none willing to fight.

  3. Miniscule? MRA’s are huge on youtube, the problem is the police severely cracking down on mens activists, who actually do real activism

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