Sep 122015

Intel is running into financial trouble.  They’re going to have to slash $300 million dollars in spending which has already included $6 million dollars for their sponsorship of the Science Talent Search.  Since Intel needs to slash $300 million dollars from its business, there’s something else Intel could get rid that would not have any negative effect on their business performance, namely giving money to Feminist Frequency/Anita Sarkeesian and other feminists.  Intel has a stark choice here.  It can cut $300 million dollars from relevant productive business units, or it can not give $300 million dollars to feminists, the most unproductive (and anti-productive) group in the history of planet Earth.

Intel probably won’t make the smart choice here so what happen is that this will be the beginning of a death spiral for Intel, similar to what we have seen from Gnome, Mozilla, and other open source projects.  I’m predicting that unless Intel stops giving money to feminists, NVidia will buy up the pieces of Intel so that it can produce its own x86 CPUs (which it can’t do right now due to patents).  If you have wanted to see what NVidia would do if it could make its own x86 CPU, you will probably get your wish.

  11 Responses to “NVidia Will Buy Up The Pieces Of Intel Once It Dies Due To Feminism”

  1. Its part of the attack on the education of men, with the colleges & universities taken over by women, theyre going after the subsidies for men run by big corporate’s

    Intel doesnt give a crap about 300 mil, theyve got billions

    Note the first thing they terminate are educational programs to get men into r&d & science for intel … a measly 8 mil program

    This is also an attack on asian men, as white women cant stand the success of asian men

    What we’re seeing is not just an attack on male spaces, but also the subsidies those male spaces provide

    This also explains the concerted attack on gamergate, as the gaming industry provides the greatest amount of subsidies for men, especially young men

    Attacking safety nets for men & educational programs for young men is the main goal of the attack on tech, by women

  2. Speaking of processing power and it’s possible uses, check out what the BBC has to say on a topic that’s been discussed here before.

  3. From the article:
    “As rival chip manufacturer AMD has continued to court gamers, Intel is lavishing attention on divisive figures like cultural critics Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh, the latter of which is an Israel-hating far-leftist.”
    Id say you reap what you sow.

    • Nothing wrong with hating Israel.

      Criticizing someone for hating Israel, is like criticizing someone for hating feminism.

      • Hating a fake country Israel funded by the U.S to terrorise the middle east, is probably the only thing leftists get right …

  4. The Sarkeesian Effect finally released, asshat Davis Aurini got booted from the project

    The trailer looks interesting, has music written by a retard as the soundtrack & the video editing of a dyslexic 2 year old …

    Also contains gratuitous buttshots of her talking out of her ass…


  5. Great post on MGTOW

    “Women get trained by their babies too. That’s why women absolutely can’t be left alone with kids for an extended period of time. They ruin kids.”

    Single women with dogs will get trained by their dogs

  6. Relevant (But not Nvidia): M$soft buys Havok from Intel

    Microsoft buys 3D physics developer Havok to boost gaming efforts

    A piece has already fallen away…

  7. Somehow autocorrect keeps biting me in the ass…

    There are a lot of companies that could buy up the pieces of Intel, but the reason I consider NVidia the likely buyer of Intel is so that NVidia can be like AMD and produce both GPUs and CPUs. Right now Intel and AMD can produce both desktop GPUs and x86 CPUs whereas NVidia can’t. This could be a potential problem for NVidia at some point so if Intel goes under, it would be NVidia’s only opportunity to solve that problem. While NVidia is an American company, the CEO is Taiwanese-American so I wonder if things got bad with feminists if he would move the company to Taiwan (even if the move is only on paper).

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