Sep 192015

By now I’m sure you have all seen the latest feminist whining about sex bots.  I’m constantly amazed how every time a feminist whines about sex bots it is treated as a new thing instead of a constant feminist war on sex bots.  I would also think that feminists would eventually figure out that there is much to worry about before a true sex bot is available for men such as VR sex.  They probably won’t since feminists aren’t involved in the development of new technology so they don’t understand how there are a lot of intermediate steps in the development of new technologies.

Every time a feminist whines about sex bots the same arguments get brought up about whether men will actually make use of sex bots or not.  Where these arguments fail is that they do not take into account just how bad women are getting especially for younger men.  Young men are getting fed up with women faster than any other group of men.  (It’s also worth pointing out that the article at that link STILL gets lots of hits years after I wrote it.  It has gotten more hits than any other page on this blog.)  On top of this consider the specter of false rape accusations such as mattress girl and Jackie that young men now have to deal with.  Men in college are choosing to date off campus so that they won’t be the victim of the campus false rape industry.  Because of dating off campus, the next push will be to expand college kangaroo tribunals to cover sex between a college student and a person who doesn’t go to college.  With that and the development of VR sex that will be happening in the next few years, “date off campus” will become “no sex with human women until graduation”.

Young men, who aren’t stupid, will choose “no sex with human women until graduation” since that will be the only way for men to protect themselves from the campus false rape industry.  VR sex can also provide alibis to men false accused of rape by women they never had sex with since the VR sex system can log when it is being used.  If a man is using a VR sex system, then obviously they weren’t doing anything else.  Given the education (pun intended) young men will be receiving from choosing “no sex with human women until graduation”, men aren’t going to suddenly choose to give up VR sex entirely for human women the day after graduation.  Young men will ask themselves if women couldn’t be trusted not to make false rape accusations in college, why would they be trustworthy later?  Thus the effect of “no sex with human women until graduation” extends beyond college even if a man occasionally has sex with human women.  This is what nobody is talking about when it comes to VR sex (or sex bots), and it’s a greater threat to women than anyone realizes.

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  1. I was sick of women 20 years ago way back when I was 12 I’m 32 now I started it back then and today women Still PISS ME OFF the constant Nagging/whining/screaming when they don’t get their own way the Harping on for shit when you just DON’T HAVE THE MONEY sometimes I feel like Gutting them from twat to through to their throats!

  2. ** Burp ** / ** Fart ** / ** itch my balls ** Oh I’m sorry sweet pea, am I bugging you ? Don’t make me take out my sex bot.

  3. Milo Yiannopolis put it best. If women are going to continue to act like thermonuclear cunts and make men actually prefer bonking a robotic dolly, then women must TRULY BE VISCOUS CUNTS!

  4. Its no surprise that females would hate sexbots for then, the female would no longer be able to use sex as a weapon EVEN though they like sex and want it just as much as any man.

  5. California already has a bill to force its colleges to include off campus incidents with non-students in their sexual misconduct rules. Last I heard it was awaiting the Governor’s signature. Next they’ll go after government services or employment.

  6. So women want to make is legally dangerous for men to have sex with women, yet they want to ban sex bots?

    I think affirmative consent is being brought in to drive off geeky, shy, nice guys, who would never dream of being pushy.

    Of course the geeky nice guy will not be allowed to use sex bots, because females are just that controlling!

  7. “Because of dating off campus, the next push will be to expand college kangaroo tribunals to cover sex between a college student and a person who doesn’t go to college.”

    Yes! Just as the Swedish femwitches are creating laws that make it illegal for Swedish men (the few left with testes) to have sex abroad, and are attacking Swedish men who have brought home foreign brides.

    Maintaining the vagina monopoly is as important to these psychotics as maintaining unilateral control of children.

  8. The end of feminism & the pathetic attempts by women to attack men, is already at an end

    The rise of surrogacy & donating eggs will destroy women & their pathetic attempts at turning beta’s into slaves for their vagina’s

    The rise of V.R & robotic sex will destroy women, & usher in the obsolescence of women, as well as the beginning of the end of privilege of women

    Men well never forget the atrocities women commit against men, or how they terrorise men on a daily basis

    Always remember how fucked up women really are, & make the cunts pay

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