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There has already been plenty of discussion about this article from the Atlantic that says robots will unemploy men and not women.  The methodology is problematic, but the main fault is the belief that “people skills” can prevent your job from being taken over by a robot which can be seen in this except from the article:

For instance, of the 3 million truck drivers in the U.S., more than 95 percent are men; of the nearly 3 million secretaries and administrative assistants, more than 95 percent are women. Autonomous vehicles are a not-too-distant possibility, and when they arrive, those drivers’ jobs will evaporate; office-support workers suffer no such imminent threat.

This pattern holds for many of the most gender-biased occupations. Men hold 97 percent of the 2.5 million U.S. construction and carpentry jobs. The Oxford study estimates that these male workers stand more than a 70 percent chance of being replaced by robotic workers. By contrast, women hold 93 percent of the registered nurse positions. Their risk of obsolescence is vanishingly small: .009 percent.

Nearly half of today’s jobs are likely to become obsolete in the not-too-distant future.

What is causing this pattern? The skills exhibited by the coming wave of intelligent machines are better suited to occupations currently dominated by men. Many of the jobs held by men involve perception and manipulation, often in conjunction with physical exertion, such as swinging a hammer or trimming trees. The latest mobile robots combine advanced-sensory systems with dexterous manipulators to successfully perform these sorts of tasks.

Other, more cerebral male-dominated professions aren’t secure either. Many occupations that might appear to require experience and judgment—such as commodity traders—are being outdone by increasingly sophisticated machine-learning programs capable of quickly teasing subtle patterns out of large volumes of data.

By contrast, women typically work in more chaotic, unstructured environments, where the ability to read people’s emotions and intentions are critical to success. If your job involves distracting a patient while delivering an injection, guessing whether a crying baby wants a bottle or a diaper change, or expressing sympathy to calm an irate customer, you needn’t worry that a robot will take your job, at least for the foreseeable future.

If jobs that involved “calming an irate customer” were protected then we wouldn’t see ATM machines.  ATM machines are one example of how “people skills” jobs, in this case bank tellers, can and will be reduced in number.  In fact there are even better examples such as this comment to the article:

Seems to me that automation already came to women’s work. I remember a time when every manager had to have a secretary. Secretaries typed memos, opened and distributed internal mail, filed incoming memos in chron files, ordered supplies, scheduled meetings, and so on.

Today, the traditional job of the secretary is largely done through email. Instead of every manager having a secretary, a single admin assistant can support an entire department.

Computers have also affected other clerical jobs. In the early 80s I worked in the patient accounts department of a hospital. There were around 100 employees, mostly women. Today that same department has around 50 employees, with computer systems doing most of the work of billing and collections.

This is something that has already happened.  And yet the article would have us believe that office workers can’t have their jobs eliminated.  (In fact, the only reason even more women in these types of jobs haven’t be unemployed is because the government is keeping a lot of these jobs around as make work jobs for women via unnecessary regulations and unnecessary government functions.)

What the article fails to understand here is that writing computer software is easier than building a robot.  Women are in a lot of paper pushing jobs (which don’t even involve paper anymore).  That is what we have seen happen and will continue to happen.  Women can’t save their virtual paper pushing jobs by dressing them up in “people skills”.  Women haven’t been able to do that so far.

As for commodities traders, there hasn’t been an elimination of those jobs like there has been with secretaries and the like.  So far big data tools have been doing work that couldn’t have been done before instead of replacing work currently being done.  Unsurprisingly, the article fails to understand intelligence augmentation which is what those tools do.

Since building a robot is harder than writing computer software, jobs in the trades (which the article refers to as “swinging a hammer”) aren’t going to be eliminated in the short term.  To build a robot that can replace a man in the trades requires sophisticated vision hardware and software as well the ability to interact with the real world that isn’t required to replace virtual paper pushers.  It will happen eventually, but the virtual paper pushers will get eliminated first as is already happening.  And this doesn’t even being to address the fact that we have a shortage of people in the trades.  If there were robots ready to replace men working in the trades, it will just mitigate the shortage that already exists.

The only area where technology is going to replace men in the short term is self driving vehicles.  In other words, that means cab drivers and truck drivers.  However, while that may happen quickly, it won’t happen that quickly.  The problem will be that, in the case of truck drivers at least, truck drivers act as de facto security guards for the cargo they’re driving.  A self driving truck doesn’t have that kind of built in security system.  While this is a problem that will be solved eventually, it does mean that the elimination of truck drivers will be slowed down.

Even when truck drivers are eliminated, these men will be fine.  First, there is the option of taking a job in the trades since there’s a shortage there.  Second, men are very capable of creating startups in various industries from tech to craft beer.  In fact, because men are so successful at this, women are accusing the craft beer industry of being misogynist and running a sustained campaign against the video game industry and men working in the tech industry.  The latter even includes nonsense accusations that Elon Musk is going to help #GamerGate take over Mars and, ironically, baseless attacks on self driving vehicles.

What we are seeing with the article from the Atlantic is the same thing that happened to Tom Smykowski, the people skills guy in Office Space:

This article is basically women saying the same thing as Tom Smykowski from Office Space.  Women are saying, “We have people skills.  We are good at dealing with people.  Can’t you understand that?  What is wrong with you people?”  Tom Smykowski was the first to be let go.  His “people skills” did not help him, and women’s “people skills” aren’t helping them either.

  18 Responses to “Women Have People Skills. They Are Good With People. Can’t You Understand That?”

  1. From what I have seen (I’m a civil engineer) women work in jobs created for them by feminism and the crusade for diversity. This type of work is created for them in HR departments, bureaucracy, “justice”, health, education and the media. Basically, their job is to make things as difficult as possible for straight white males.

    • I had meant to finish my first comment by saying women’s work in HR departments etc will be easily replaced because it wasn’t necessary in the first place.

  2. It is probably worse for women than you predict. HR departments and the like are expensive and cause all sorts of problems. Comoanies have discovered they can out source these and get rid of the harridens in them at the same time. Small companies do without them entitely, out sourcing what cant be automated.

    Also even for trades jobs, the machines are a long way off from scaling down to small jobs and they are very large capital investments. That isnt likwly to change any time soon. It will probably be a long time.before a robot plumber comes to unclog your toilet because it wont be cost effective to use one.

    I also think a lot of tech will eliminate the numbers of nurses to some degree. There are already nursing shortages all over so there is an incentive to automate what you can and have a smaller number of more skilled staff oversea the machines that monitor the patients.

  3. The thing about robots is that they work perfectly well in sealed environments but once you get them out in the real world there’s a heck of a lot of maintenance that needs to be done to keep them going.

    Even in automated warehousing there’s a constant crew of men ensuring they function properly. Something as simple as dust jams up a lot of mechanisms.

    Let alone the wear and tear that needs replacing.

    • Which is why Valeie Solanis’ dream of “complete automation” to eliminate men once and for all is not merely a fantasy, is shows just how far she fails to understand how things get done and made.

      • We need to equip future MRA’s with cans of dust & water pistols, to fight the robotic apocalypse & water resistant dustproof sex dolls …

        A.I will free men from the drudgery of static knowledge, to intelligent knowledge which predicts what you need to know

        In short free unpaid interns & lab assistants for the masses, another field which’ll hit women

        I predict a new type of PUA, where they learn how to pickup A.I & game its algorithms …

  4. Another possibility: men start getting nursing jobs, and are better at it.

  5. As someone pointed out, most robots are poorly designed as theyre designed to conform to mass production & capitalism, not efficiency or optimacy

    Most construction vehicles today are horrifically designed, which require year around maintenance & repairs

    Theyre designed to break down & generate revenue for corporations with builtin obsolesence

    Obviously these retarded manginas doubling down, cant put two & two together

    Robotics wont be any different, theyre deliberately designed obsolescence & poor engineering will open up new fields for men

    Corporate profit mongering & retarded manufacturing will guarantee a need for men

    In fact robotics & A.I will be the next massive wave for collectively raising mens i.q

    Imagine instead of truck drivers, learning programming, a.i, aritificial synaptics & brain patterns & advanced biomechanics

    Robotics & A.I will be the next massive wave for collectively raising mens i.q on a massive scale

    Man doesnt create technology to replace him, man creates technology to out evolve it

    That is the entire purpose of technology …

    Technology is just another environment for man to out evolve

  6. There is as much blather about AI as there is reality in the press.
    What most ignore is that all technological assistance or replacement of work is created to a male standard, except those technologies created specifically to help women do housework.
    The second thing is that all technological replacement carries a fixed capital cost. The more work to be replaced, the higher the cost. The more sophisticated to machine required to do the work, the higher the cost. So for drivers or construction work, the capital expense is going to be extremely high, wit very high maintenance costs. As these industries are cyclical, the capital structure can and will be ruinous for many firms adopting the technology. Put another way, it adds risk to an already risky business with little net gain, even in a low interest environment and even under favorable conditions.
    Not to say it will not happen anyway. The progress of the feminist state to disable men is powerful. One of the things we see in a feminist hegemony is using the state to mitigate the risk of businesses consciously taking risk to disable men. How they expect to keep paying for this with necessarily lower contributions from men is a mystery.
    The PMAFT premise that AI will have a greater impact on female work is spot on. They congregate in things that are easy, clean and safe, and so easier to convert. We already see a flood of work rules in female occupations that demand higher staffing level than needed. Expect to see more as AI invades the female work space.
    AI implementation, as all work, business and innovation will be warped by the female imperative and the concerted power of the feminist state. Despite much wreckage along the way however, the inevitable result will occur. That is, if the feminist state does not first collapse the civilization which makes it possible.

  7. Good Points!!
    I think the Atlantic article shouldn’t be taken as an accurate prediction of the future but rather as a reflection of the ingrained female chauvinist (ie feminist) mentality that exist at the Atlantic. They want men out of the workforce and financially dependent on women.

  8. It’s seldom mentioned that when technology is made to replace a job, the unit (in order to be efficient) is too specialized to do anything else.

    So where does that really put the general laborer in the scheme of things?

    Seems all technology can do to him is just chase him from job to job.

    And the technologies, themselves, create new jobs.

    Only an android capable of doing everything (and I mean everything!) a human worker could do as good as a human could do it would bring an end to the general laborer.

    And the general laborer is a piece of tech that will take not decades but CENTURIES to duplicate.

  9. @PMAFT

    Check out the Titan supercomputer, it has the ability to compute the equivelant to 7 billion people per SECOND …

    Whats even more insane is a supercomputer 1000 times faster then the titan is being built …–most-powerful-science-machine-in-the-world–titan-super.html

    That almost unimaginable computational capability is like if each of the world’s 7 billion people were to solve 3 million math problems per second.

    To better help you wrap your mind around just how fast Titan is, “It would take 60,000 years for 1,000 people working at a rate of one calculation per second to complete the number of calculations that Titan can process in a single second,”

    The next ORNL supercomputer is to be an exascale, meaning it will be a thousand times more powerful than Titan and capable of doing one quintillion calculations per second.

    A mindboggling quintillion is a one with 18 zeroes after it. Exascale power is supposed to “provide enough power to simulate every single atom in a whole living cell,” Smith explained.

    For medical applications, it could help scientists try to predict if something would work as new drug and all the side effects that drug might have. And how much power might that take? Bland said, “If we just scaled up what we’re doing today, it would take a couple of nuclear power plants to power.”

  10. We’re already there, theyre called websites, 3 people can easily make millions with a well designed website & a well targetted niche

  11. LOL, you hit that nail on the head.
    It is no that women typically work in more chaotic and unstructured environments, it is that they turn any ordered and structured environment into chaotic and unstructured environments.
    They hate order, structure, hierarchy, focus and productivity, because it holds them accountable for their behavior and outcomes.
    Everything becomes all about their feels, which are constantly shifting and chaotic, and about all the women in the environment helping one another cope with their feels. To them, this effort feels like work.
    In a long and varied career, I have witnessed this time and again, and my wife, a CNS in an all female environment, constantly complains about it.
    But then, over the years I have trained her and she is capable of perceiving what most cannot, except when it is her feels that are adding chaos to the system, which amuses me no end.

  12. Thats because Roosh like most ppl with high traffic sites is a moron at monetising their websites …

    He gets over a million hits a month & only makes $100k a year …

    If he added subscriptions & hired ppl to create paid content he’d be making $100k a month

    Relying on ads is fools gold, the real money is in offering real monetary services of value to visitors

    I’ve seen websites take in $80k in 2 months from donations alone

    FYI, theres no such thing as a fixed amount of web traffic, its all about how you route traffic to your site

  13. Women use their social power to dominate and bully others in the work place, and use their legal privileges to push men out of work.

  14. Seen it myself. +1000

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