Aug 252015

Feminists are attacking doctors by accusing them of “fat shaming”.  I did a google search on “doctor fat shaming”, and it turned up a massive number of hits of web pages where feminists were attacking doctors for allegedly “fat shaming” them.  In reality, doctors are not fat shaming anyone.  Doctors are informing their patients of health conditions that can negatively impact their patients’ lives.  Accusing doctors of “fat shaming” makes as much sense as accusing doctors of “smoking shaming” if a doctor warns a patient that smoking is bad for their health.

What is behind the feminist war on doctors?  There’s the obvious fact that a lot of fat women don’t want to be reminded that they’re on their way to Type 2 Diabetes.  However, that’s not the whole issue.  Doctors practice medicine, and medicine is a science.  As we know feminists have been attacking science.  Feminists attacked Dr. Matt Taylor, a man who led a team to successfully land a probe on a comet, over a shirt.  Feminists forced Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winning biochemist, out of his job because of a bit of humor.  Feminists are lying about NASA and trying to get it shut down.  This is only a tiny fraction of the cases where feminists attack science.  It should surprise no one that feminists would attack medicine, since it is another science.

Since feminists can’t stand science, including medicine, they won’t be satisfied until the only doctors left are witch doctors.

  5 Responses to “The Feminist War On Doctors”

  1. I looked through many of the Google hits. All written by women. I was told that I was overweight a few years ago by a doctor. A knew it before I even went to him. I did what I had to do to solve the problem, and I didn’t bitch. It was my problem and I owned it. But we all know that most women are incapable of owning a problem.

    • Having a logic discussion with feminists is like playing chess with pigeons: no matter how good you are, the pigeon will continue to overthrow all the pieces on the board and will strut around triumphantly!

  2. Its already 9,000 votes lol, epic win

  3. Im pretty sure its not a woman, if you read the description it sounds more like somebody from Roosh’s website

    The entire text alludes to the attack on Roosh, without mentioning his name …

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