Aug 292015

At a commenter’s suggestion, I added a page listing all my articles about the things feminists have declared war on.  That got me thinking.  Feminists have declared war on things such as hygiene and doctors.  But what about dentists?  So I decided to do a Google search on feminists talking about dentists.  Google unfortunately provided plenty of proof that feminists are declaring war on dentists.

This feminist accused her dentist of sexual harassment.  Did the dentist try to grab her boobs, offer her a discount on dental procedures if she put out for him, or anything like that?  Nope, the dentist simply tried to sell the feminist on a cosmetic dental procedure.  When a dentist tries to sell a woman a cosmetic dental procedure, apparently that’s now sexual harassment.

That’s not the worst of it.  Feminists have invented the concept of “tooth shaming” which is similar to how feminists are attacking doctors for “fat shaming” for warning their patients when their weight is a threat to their patients’ health.  I guess brushing your teeth and flossing now oppresses women or something.  None of this changes the fact that dental health is connected to our general health in so many ways.  The health of our teeth are more important than women feeling “tooth shamed” so we should keep brushing our teeth and flossing and going to the dentist twice a year.  Taking care of our teeth make make women feel oppressed and “tooth shamed” but our teeth are too important.

  3 Responses to “The Feminist War On Dentists”

  1. Sometimes I sincerely wonder if this is a joke, but then I do my homework. sadly, nope. Also, something tells me these feminists never had a toothache.

  2. Women in general are FUCKING RIDICULOUS! Yes the Aliens can come and take ALL our women they can fucking HAVE THEM!

  3. Yes, our rebellious women are waging a war on tech, on science, on medicine, on scholarship, etc.
    At the heart though, they are waging a war on thought. If you have ever debated one (or their manginas and white knights) in the comment sections of a blog, this becomes apparent. If you read their writings, it bleeds all over the page.
    Only the absence of thought can explain the triumph of the female rebellion and the gynocentric dystopia they are building.

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