Aug 182015

We have already seen women become filthier and filthier. Feminists have been saying that potty training oppresses women.  There are an increasing number of examples of women pissing and taking dumps anywhere but a toilet.  (And that includes everything from women taking dumps in showers to women pissing outside like a pet.)

That is bad enough, but it turns out that women are taking less and less showers.  In a British survey, nearly 80% of women admitted that they aren’t taking daily showers. Many women are even showering less than once every three days. (Additionally, two thirds of women in the survey don’t remove their makeup before they go to bed, and one eighth of women in the survey admitted to not brushing their teeth before they go to bed.)  At this rate, women are going to stop showering and taking baths.  In a hot month like August women are going to stink, and it will be a very nasty stink.  And that’s before adding on the stink from that will come from refusing to properly use a toilet.

This will be a just another reason for men to go their own way.  Very few men will choose to deal with women who continuously stink and are covered in a layer of filth.  It’s disturbing that women think that they can do this without men objecting to it.

  5 Responses to “Pretty Soon Women Aren’t Going To Take Showers Anymore”

  1. PUAs will still chase these skanks while directing feminist shaming language at the men who refuse to deal with it.

  2. *ahem* PUA’s have a sense of hygiene like most men … lol

    Women on the other hand swoon over homeless hobo’s, serial killers & greasy drummers, filthy hygiene comes naturally to the average chick

    Why do you think housework & washing dishes is oppressive to women …

    Women are feral barbaric & uncivilized, no limits when it comes degenerative women …

    Which is why young men shouldnt form ltr’s with women, learn to game their feral barbaric primitive behaviour & run multiple plates

    Theres virtually zero payout for investing in women, women will always be a zero sum game for civilisation

    Forget investing anything in women, if you want kids go the surrogacy route

    Most women will leave if you get ill or not enough cash, why invest in a woman who’ll leave anytime anyway

    Plate women, or fwb them for sex, forget investing time in them, women have virtually no payout

  3. Wow. That survey is so surreal…I can’t imagine not showering every day. After just 24 hours, even in the winter, you just feel kinda gross. However, one of my coworkers takes on a foreign exchange student (older high school age) every summer. So far, he and his family have entertained teens from France, Spain, the UK, and Italy.

    He remarked to me about a month ago that each person, whether male or female and regardless of country, typically only took a shower every other day. Perhaps our ideal of showering daily is a cultural thing? It’d be interesting to see if American women would answer similarly on such a survey…Ones who aren’t like Snooki, at least.

  4. […] feminists who #PissForEquality.  That’s because it’s practically a guarantee that they don’t take showers either.  It isn’t due to feminists being lazy (although that’s part of it).  Many […]

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