Aug 082015

The Ada Initiative, a feminist organization behind many of the so called “anti-harassment” policies that led to things like DongleGate, is shutting down.  Why is the Ada Initiative shutting down?  They couldn’t find anyone willing to run it.  Perhaps one reason they couldn’t find anyone to run it was that their plan to keep it funded did not work out:

When it came to supporting our work financially, we figured that companies that benefited from open source software would just hand over giant wads of cash to an unproven new nonprofit run by two former software engineers.

Even if they were being sarcastic about this, this shows that they literally thought that they would get money for having vaginas and being vaguely related to tech.  Regardless, good riddance to the Ada Initiative.  Unfortunately, since it’s guaranteed that there will be more DongleGates in the future, the damage they did will be long lasting.

  3 Responses to “Good Riddance To The Ada Initiative”

  1. Feminists credit Ada Lovelace with inventing computer software when in fact she would be more aptly named the first Developer Evangelist.

  2. lol former software engineers … wtf is a former software engineer ?

    Thats like saying a former plumber or a former carpenter … These bitches cant help but ooze stupidity & retarded traits everytime they open their yaps …

    Giving yourself stupid sounding titles instead of a simple programmer, your not engineering any bridges or building trainlines with java or c++ jesus freaking christ …

  3. So in the end, it was really about the money.

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