Aug 212015

It’s bad enough that a lot of women aren’t showering and stink from that.  What’s worse is feminists trying to use their farts as a weapon against men:

I became less butt shy and tried my method out again the next day. It worked like a charm. Otherwise bravado men in suits shifted uncomfortably and discreetly moved further away from me. I had cracked the code on women’s dominance. It was invisible but had been there all along. Ladies, we can stink men into submission.

Thank goodness New York City is so loud. I fart everywhere now. I fart in the grocery store to get the men behind me in line to back up a notch. I fart on the ferry to get men to take their goddamned arm off the back of my seat. I fart at the gym to get the sweaty men to move on over and not take the machine right next to mine. I fart on the street to get men to slow their roll and keep a respectful distance behind me and not encroach on my personal space.

Humid days are the best because the fart hangs around longer. More bang for my butt. Carb-loaded days also tend to be beneficial as they give me more ammo to work with.

If women intentionally fart all the time, men will definitely stay away.  That’s assuming men don’t stay away already due to women’s body odor from not taking showers or because of these women’s horrid personalities.  I’m certain that feminists will try to give themselves irritable bowel syndrome just to have their bodies fart more.

A couple of years from now, I expect a follow up article where the author complains that men want nothing to do with her.  I’m sure there will be shaming language about how “real men should want women who fart all the time and have putrid body odor” and “filthy women are real women”.  Such shaming language won’t work on men because no man will want a woman that’s toxic both figuratively and literally.

  5 Responses to “Feminists Are Going To Give Themselves Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

  1. Women are just disgusting.

    Artificial womb all the way. We need to phase women out.

  2. My ex-wife asked one time why I wouldn’t go down on her anymore … I told her that she needed to trim her cunt hair and wash her stinky twat before I put my face in that crap. A year later she asked for a divorce … I moved on and left her with her hairy stinky mess.

  3. Dafuq am I reading!!!!??? Are these Women even of the same Planet we’re from?

  4. She could accomplish the same thing simply by carrying a stick with some shit on the end. I think it would be great if all the feminists did this.

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