Aug 152015

There’s this feminist science fiction movie called Advantageous.  Among other things in the movie, women are increasingly becoming homeless because women can’t get jobs.  The stated reason for this in the movie is that jobs have been destroyed due to technology and since unemployed men are more likely to start revolutions.  Thus it makes more sense to employ men.

This is a good example of how feminist science fiction is a failure.  While preventing revolutions might be the stated reason for not giving women jobs in the future, it’s not the real reason.  The real reason is a combination of women’s work being automated, men being more productive, and men not creating problems in the workplace such as frivolous lawsuits like women do.

On top of this the movie doesn’t address why women (or more women) just don’t become stay at home mothers.  That’s because feminists can’t understand the marriage strike or MGTOW.  What has happened in this movie (even though it can’t explain it) is that the marriage strike has reached critical mass, MGTOW has greatly expanded, and employers have been forced to stand up to women.  The widespread homelessness of women in this movie is not due to misogyny.  It’s because women’s behavior towards men has been so vile that both men and employers want nothing to do with them.  Of course, a feminist science fiction movie can’t understand this.

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  1. men still make up the vast majority of the unemployed (and homeless) anyway.

    anyone who can hire a woman over a man always does so, despite the obvious problems they bring which men don’t.

  2. Yeah they do

  3. Never fear! The white knights and manginas of the patriarchy are here! A newly minted, gullible male is created every minute – ensuring that the masses of homeless women will be taken in and cared for. These brave, clueless men will also ensure that the masses of hopeless and homeless men die the painful death they deserve!

    All hail the captain-save-a-hos!

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