Aug 052015

What is it like having to interview women for tech jobs?  Here is one man’s experience:

I’ve met some that aren’t, but the vast majority that I interview are just terrible people — one even threatened to sue me personally for being sexist if she didn’t get the job. A few of the men are like that as well, but in my experience that’s a very woman-dominated thing. Thankfully the social justicey candidates (both men and women) tend to also suck at programming, so they’re disqualified right off the bat based on lack of skills.

This is why feminists are trying to force codes of conduct on to open source projects that include (among other attacks on men) “diversity in technical ability” such as in this code of conduct being adopted by GitHub.  (Yes, GitHub is actually adopting a code of conduct that includes “diversity in technical ability”. I’m not exaggerating this.) If a person is going to work on something having to do with programming, they need to have some skills in programming.  This presents a problem for feminists trying to take over open source software since open source projects are understandably run by programmers.  They have no reason to listen to feminists who have no programming skills and not history of technical contributions to open source projects.  Thus, the only way for feminists to force men out of open source is to attack the idea of technical skills directly, and “diversity in technical ability” is the feminist way of doing that.  (That is what happened with #OpalGate. Feminists with no programming skills and no history of programming attacked a man experienced in programming and with a long history of contributing to Opal.)

Right now such codes of conduct are only being forced on to open source projects.  The next step will be to force “diversity in technical ability” into the hiring process.  Affirmative action already leads to hiring less qualified and unqualified women over more qualified men.  “Diversity in technical ability” will simply make this explicit for the tech industry.

  11 Responses to ““Diversity In Technical Ability” Means Being Forced To Hire Incompetent Women With No Technical Ability”

  1. I had to read that a second time, and then read the source link. Holy Jesus and Mary, they literally mean diversity in ability. Literally.

    • If men truly had courage again then feminism would be out of business. Since men today have low testosterone levels (due to a sedentary couch potato lifestyle and low vitamin D), they behave like cowards rather than stand up to fascist political correctness. See Donald Trump as an example of a real man.

      • Now there’s an idea.

        Vitamin D as physical stand in for the red pill.

        • lol diversity in ability … the most retarded statement ive ever heard, only a woman spews crap like that

          This is really about rationalising womens inability to compete. Women dont produce, they rationalise their incompetence while playing the victim.

          Its all about rationalising incompetence, so they dont have to compete

          Meritocracry, excellence & strict codes of conduct designed to create competence, literally go against the mass transfer of wealth to women, instituted by tradcons & blue pill religious morons like Dalrock

          What we’re witnessing is the system, women use to install a mass transfer of wealth to women

          Rationalising womens incompetence so society doesnt realise how useless women really are, victim politics, tone policing ie shaming language, & appealing to white knights & manginas

          The arsenal of stupidity women use, to install systems of mediocrity.

  2. I could live with “diversity in technical ability” if it meant “has a PhD in Computational Biology as opposed to yet another CompSci Masters” or if it was a way of saying “don’t flame the newbies for trying” but you’re right, it won’t mean that. It will mean “you didn’t accept my shitty code because I’m a girl.” Can’t wait to see Linus Torvalds handle the first one of those he gets!

  3. Clearly, this is extortion to gain paying gigs for women. Programming is a very cut throat process, either something works, or doesn’t, and sub-standard work will never purposely make it into the finished product, but I don’t think the women in question will complain, so long as they’re making 70K+ for pushing paper clips around their desks, while surfing TMZ or People. SJW, just following their creed, “Someone owes me a living.”

  4. In the really challenging college classes (management science, programming languages, relational calculus, etc), women would form protest groups and storm the dean’s office after the first big test to have the instructors dumb down the tests. This was 20 years ago.

    I don’t care what anybody says – the majority of men and women are different. That women want “diversity of talent” doesn’t surprise me in the least. To women – equality means paying average or below average talent women the same as the most brilliant and talented of men. How do I know this? The men who couldn’t hack the tough stuff in college quit the course and pursued something more in line with their capabilities. The women that couldn’t hack the tough stuff in college demanded the instructor’s heads.

  5. Yep I knew it! women are Really fucking Retarded!

  6. My brothers! Finally a website addressing the hijacking of feminist clams and their lapdog manginas of my beloved technological and engineering fields.

    They are infecting objectivity, turning it into subjectivity.

    Lowering standards.

    Stay sharp lads, they’ll never keep up with male potential!

    Thanks for this website! A safe haven! Subscribed!

  7. I posted a rebuttal at the Atlantic’s web site in the comments and mentioned the Misandry Bubble. I also posted about it at

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