Aug 132015

Elmer pointed out that despite popular belief Ada Lovelace was not the first programmer, but the first developer evangelist.  Historians agree and have shown that Charles Babbage wrote all the programs that Ada wrote three to seven years earlier.  What Ada actually did was work with Babbage on writing up notes about his work.  Those notes are where she gets her undeserved reputation. 

What Ada did was act like Babbage’s developer evangelist.  Since Ada has a programming language named after her for being a developer evangelist, I’m sure someone will lower the bar even further and name a programming language after Adria Richards.  (Of course, the Adria programming language will never work, get some programmers fired, and never be used again.)

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  1. Thanks for the TPS report. From your description I believe I have programmed in Adria on a few projects.

  2. When feminists are confronted with the fact that almost all great thinkers and innovators have been men, they start mentioning some counterexamples
    that seek to undermine this conclusion. But the conclusion was based on the observation that the vast majority of them are men, not that there haven’t been
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