Jul 182015

We have all heard in the news how NASA’s New Horizons probe has reached Pluto.  This is momentous occasion and an amazing achievement in space exploration.  That means feminists will attack it just like we saw with Matt Taylor (and Tim Hunt).  Since feminists don’t have the excuse of a shirt this time, they have to lie like they did with Tim Hunt.  Since there is no opportunity to lie about a single male scientist this time, feminists are attacking NASA like in this article at The Good Mangina Project:

However, for nearly a decade—and longer—America has invested what I would is assume less than half of NASA’s budget on modernizing public education and recreation in the inner-cities.

Spending more dollars on exploring solar-systems than improving school systems is cause for gross critique, not mass celebration.

I don’t applaud America for what my fellow countrymen perceive is a milestone. To the contrary, I shame this rich nation for its skewed priorities. The type of decision making that says unseen space is more valued than an occupied place is not one that deserves respect nor admiration.

And though access to quality public education ranks high on my set of values, which is why I referred to it early on in this piece, other social issues—like veterans’ quality of life, diversity in the technology and news industry, and homelessness—also weigh on me deeply.

What I quoted above is full of lies.  Trillions of dollars have not been spent on space exploration, much less the New Horizons probe.  In reality less than $700 million has been spent on New Horizons, and that is total over a period of 15 years.  NASA’s budget is 18 billion dollars which is tiny compared to the 2015 federal budget of $3.9 trillion.  And that’s only the federal budget.  If we include all government spending (and we should since education as was brought up in the Good Mangina Project article gets money from local and state government in addition to the federal government), NASA’s budget is a rounding error in government spending.
Why are feminists like the author of the article at The Good Mangina Project lying about NASA?  Most government spending is a transfer from men to women.  NASA is one of the few cases where this is not true.  The article calls for more spending on “education”.  That really means give more money to women since women dominate education and public sector jobs.  NASA gets a tiny amount of government spending, but even one dollar spent on NASA is too much since it is not being spent on women.  It’s not enough that 70% to 80% of government spending goes to women.  They want it all.
And what do we have to show for spending on education and “social issues”, AKA spending on women?  Nothing.  Every year education gets worse.  Various other problems get worse.  And the amount of money spent on education and “social issues” grows tremendously each year.  We would be better off sending that money into a black hole.  Ironically, this would require NASA to build a ship to carry the money to a black hole which would probably do more for education and social issues than handing over 70% to 80% of public spending to women.  And it would be cheaper by at least a factor of 100.

  12 Responses to “The Good Mangina Project Lies About NASA”

  1. Thank you for doing this blog. You always get to the point.
    I click on links because the title is interesting and too often run into the wall of text or the hour-long video that say nothing that couldn’t be expressed in a hundred words.

  2. Trillions of dollars have not been spent on space exploration, much less the New Horizons probe.

    The comments on the article have been 100% negative. The amount of money spent on that probe is less than Oprah’s net worth, but I doubt we’re going to see anything from that mangina where he complains about money being misspent on talk show hosts.

    • The comments on the article have been 100% negative.

      That’s actually semi-common on articles on The Good Mangina Project. It probably would be more common except that the mods of The Good Mangina Project are blocking those comments.

  3. Just when I thought feminists whined just about anything, now their whining about NASA!? Then again it makes sense. Women in general, as feminists hate to admit, are just not that interested in STEM fields. During the last few moon landings the networks got an earful from women who hated the fact that it was cutting into their soap operas. Here you had one of man’s greatest achievements with live feeds from the MOON, and the women would rather watch badly acted fictional relationships.

  4. “It’s not enough that 70% to 80% of government spending goes to women.”

    Kind of an exaggeration, wouldn’t you say?

    Empire and Social Security are not exactly women’s monopolies.

    • 70% to 80% not spent on military goes to women … better? lol

      70% + medical, healthcare, Social welfare, even funding for homeless ppl goes to women, even though men make up 80% of all homeless ppl

      Also women only pay 20% income tax, while men pay 80% of all income taxes

      Women are walking tax liabilities & prostitutes for government

  5. I found this article to be enlightening and informative. A probe being landed on Pluto,was news to me!
    I was interested to hear,that feminist/women/G.M.P.,were looking to increase government allocation,of spending for schools,because the entire scholastic environment and curriculum are perfectly tailored,for girls and women. I for one would like to see some project based learning,less route learning,some non whitewashed (colored paint) walls and most of all a lot less “Female Own Group Preference” or at least,rules which would keep it from spiraling,into full blown Gynocentrism and Misandry,at it’s worst! The scientific community has been infiltrated,with cognitive dissonance.

  6. […] new things like landing a probe on a comet over the most trivial of reasons such as his attire.  Feminist website, The Good Men Project, outright lied about NASA’s budget effectively accusing…  Feminists have also made space out to be a place where women will get raped.  Feminists have […]

  7. b) He writes for the Good Mangina Project, which is not even a place where women might read what he writes. So his groveling is into the darkness. I bet virtually no women read his screed, as none go to that website (why would they?).

    Actually, if you check Alexa stats for The Good Mangina Project, the readership for that site is mostly female. AVFM pointed this out a while ago.

    c) If an advanced civilization were observing us, this probe is just about the only event in (our) 2015 that would be considered a datapoint worth recording. Not the rest of the crap that dominates the news. That a mangina chooses *this* to oppose is really just him advertising his obsolesence from an evolutionary/singularity/biocosm/Drake Equation point of view.

    Absolutely. The US is the only country (on Earth) to have sent probes to every planet in the solar system. This has been called the completion of the initial reconnaissance of the solar system. You’re absolutely right that aliens would want to talk to people who accomplished this and not women and manginas who complain about it. Anyone complaining about space exploration can’t see farther than their own noses.

  8. The Good Mangina Project should be called the women bullshitting about men project now. It’s run by women for women now with a handful of token manginas to maintain the pretense it’s for men. The male founder of the site, Tom Matlack, was basically forced out.

    The Good Mangina Project also scrapes content from other blogs which are woman run. One of them is called Divorced Moms. I’m not kidding.

  9. It makes alot more sense if you call it the tone policing project

    Women love tone policing men, & ensuring betas remain in the dark, which is why women create these spaces in the first place …

    Think of it as optimising their beta bux as a well oiled walking wallet

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