Jul 202015

There’s a new show on Syfy called Dark Matter.  In the most recent episode, we find out that one of the main characters was part of an insurrection against the galactic government called the Galactic Authority.  He and several of his comrades went to a space station and stole a destroyer from the Galactic Authority, but his comrades left a bomb on the station which murders 10000 innocent people.  His comrades don’t tell him this, and he doesn’t find out until it’s on the news.  He was angry that his comrades murdered innocent people but they and his commanding officer tell him to man up.

This was a good example of how “man up” is used to manipulate men.  What was even better was his response to being told to man up.  He shot all of them.  That’s the best response to “man up” I have ever seen.

  One Response to “The Best Response To Man Up”

  1. I probably Would have shot them all dead too! You see NO-ONE tells me to man up!

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