Jul 062015

Over at The Federalist, Mytheos Holt wrote up a standard tradcon diatribe against men’s rights.  He says that tradcons have men’s rights issues covered, but let’s look at what he says about it:

So this brings up the question. What do men’s rights activists have as their signature issue? Child support? Child-custody reform? Social conservatives are already doing that. Male circumcision? Atheists, and the natural-birth movement. Tightening divorce laws? Social conservatives, again. Educating young men? Everyone from policy wonks at the American Enterprise Institute to Laura Ingraham is worried about that. Military conscription? Ironically, feminists tried to pursue that with the Equal Rights Amendment. False rape accusations? Get in line; every conservative is worried about that now.

Noticed how many times he says that tradcons have been “worried” about these issues.  Worrying is the limit of what tradcons have been doing the last 50 years about these issues.  Sorry tradcons, no one is impressed by you being worried.  No one cares that you were secretly worried about what was was happening to men (assuming that you are even telling the truth that you were worried.)

Tradcons have abandoned their sons and grandsons, but they’re very worried about it so that makes is fine as far as they’re concerned.  Young men think differently.  Young men are refusing to follow the tradcon script (along with all of the other scripts), and all the “worry” the tradcons can produce doesn’t mean a thing to young men.

  9 Responses to “Sorry Tradcons, No One Is Impressed By You Being Worried”

  1. More shaming from Tradcons. Surprise, surprise. They are irrelevant to men’s interests and their ship is sinking. They must know it by now. But then, myopia is their favorite characteristic.

  2. it’s a smoke screen.

    what they’re “worried” about is the end to their social security entitlements. if a billion men have to die easily prevented deaths just for their entitlements, they are willing to look down their noses at us all for eternity.

  3. Ironically tradcons & christians funded & poured billions in donations to feminists & leftists, how else do you think they came into power …

    Christians & tradcons outnumber feminists & sjw’s million to 1

    Tradcons & christians created the anti-male divorce laws, not to mention drove abortion & the deranged child support laws through the courts …

    & theyre worried about men …

  4. Tradcons, as a term, is code for Christians. All tradcons are Christians.

    And Christians are fucking retards.

    • This is BS. Most “Christians” aren’t even Christian, let alone “Tradcons”. Pot meet kettle.

  5. Conservatives couldnt even defend the definitions of “marriage”, “man” and “woman” from LGBT radicals, and theyre gonna reform the child custody laws? Really?

  6. The fundamental change in male behavior is economic and social disengagement, not activism. I’d guess Mytheos Holt wants them all to ‘man up’ and join a cause (preferably his).

  7. Disagree. Men respond differently. They are more passive. I’m thinking of MGTOW and the general reluctance to marry. But in the future the effect will be just as destructive to feminism as the loudmouth feminists and manginas are toward men’s rights today. Men are definitely doing more than just worrying…

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