Jul 092015

Any business, hobby, or interest that is primarily made up of men will get attacked by feminists.  This is why we have #GamerGate, attacks on the tech industry, attacks on open source software, attacks on scientists from Tim Hunt to Matt Taylor, attacks on comics, and so forth.  The craft beer industry is also primarily male, and it is now getting attacked by feminists in many different places from Salon to the Chicago Tribune.  It’s to the point where we need #CraftBeerGate.

The craft beer industry has several similarities with the tech industry.  Besides being primarily male, most craft breweries are new.  There are around 3500 breweries in the US, and half of them were started after 2010.  Just as the tech industry has men forming lots of startups, so does the craft beer industry.  Just as startups have come up with new and better products, craft beer startups have brewed new and better tasting beer.  And like how tech startups have been criticized for lacking HR (a.k.a. female deadweight), the craft beer industry has been attacked for lacking “professionals” in marketing.  (This is even more of a link considering that marketing is female dominated and afraid of technology.)

The craft beer industry also has at least one similarity with video games.  Just like how feminists have produced crappy games like Depression Quest, which really shouldn’t even be called a game, there is even a feminist beer from Brazil for sale called Feminista.  As you can see from the pic the label is colorless, lacks creativity and is all around bland.  We can safely assume that that Feminista beer is bland as well.

So what will happen if women take over craft beer?  Just like how women taking over tech would destroy innovation and the culture of startups in the tech industry, women taking over the craft beer industry would lead to small breweries being destroyed leaving a few large companies brewing piss water like Feminista and slapping a beer label on it.  This is why we should all support the craft beer industry, assuming you care about fighting feminists and preserving high quality beer.  I do so I’m going to be drinking some craft beer tonight.

  9 Responses to “It’s Time For #CraftBeerGate”

  1. Another parallel between craft beer and software is that there are no barriers to entry. Anyone can start brewing, Anyone can contribute to open-source software. Yet the gender disparity persists. Why? Is it because there are hidden barriers to women? Or is it because men and women actually are different, and there are things that women, relative to men, suck at?

  2. Heh Down Under here in NZ I brew my own beer which I call “Draught Down Under” (pun intended).
    The fembots won’t even know about my Draught Down Under until they get a whiff.

  3. I don’t drink beer, but I might start, just to keep the feminists away. I think I’m thirsty (heh heh).

  4. Kill those Feminists!!!

    • Look like you have an infiltrator/troll.

      Peter, men don’t want to kill feminists. Feminists want to kill men. All men want is to be left alone.

      • This man want’s all FEMINISTS PUT ON AN ISLAND and It NUKED REPEATEDLY to rid the world of these DISGUSTING COCKROACHES called feminists they SEEP out of the woodwork and start EATING at you I’m A FIERCELY ANGRY MGTOW GUY! Savage and Brutal I AM! Kick the feminists and their SJW Lackeys and Supporters into a Movie theatre and DROP CYANIDE BOMBS ON THEM, ALL OF THEM to RID THE WORLD OF THEM PERMANENTLY!

  5. Interesting point on marketing

    Marketing is a complete failure, everyone hates adverts precisely because the entire advertising industry is run by women & their elasticated vaginas

    This is why thousands of adverts on washing powder, washing up liquid & toothpaste ads dominate tv

    Once you realise theyre really billion dollar pep talks for women, the billions women spend on advertising useless drivel like washing powder makes more sense

    Theyre designed to make women feel useful, when theyre doing useless shit like washing the dishes & spending all day ironing, instead of automating all that shit

    Of course as PMAFT points out women crap their pants at the sight of technology, which is why women iron & wash dishes in the first place, instead of automating all that shit

    Its all really an artificial form of conflation

    When you spend billions on useless shit, you artificially raise the uselessness of women

    Its all about artificially conflating the uselessness of women

    Which is also why feminists push for female ceo’s

    Its all really an artificial form of conflation

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