Jul 122015

Last Friday Ellen Pao resigned from reddit.  Already the wagons are circling in an attempt to hide the fact that this was due to Pao’s gross incompetence by blaming “misogyny”.  However, there is a new tactic they’re trying that can be seen in an article about Pao’s resignation in the Christian Science Monitor:

While Reddit denies claims that it discriminated against Pao because of her gender, skeptics point to factors that they claim prove otherwise. According to Adweek, 74 percent of Reddit users are male.

First they tried to make us believe that simply having a business or industry where the employees are mostly male is evidence of misogyny.  Now, they’re trying to have us believe that a mostly male user base or customer base is evidence of misogyny.  What they’re saying is men not only should be allowed to work anywhere in large numbers but also shouldn’t be customers of any business in large numbers.  They probably won’t be satisfied until most men are in ghettos because that would be the only way to prevent men from working in a particular industry or being the customers of a particular business.

Attacking Reddit’s user base/customer base isn’t the first time that attacking a mostly male customer base has been tried.  That was the “Gamers Are Dead” articles that spawned #GamerGate.  And this probably won’t be the last time either.  There will be many more anti-feminist customer revolts like #GamerGate.

  13 Responses to “Having A Mostly Male Customer Base Is Now Considered Evidence Of Misogyny”

  1. The customer base of the ginormous cosmetics industry is overwhelmingly female, clear evidence is misandry. Women are the world’s biggest consumers. Reddit’s customers are a minority in this sense.

    • That a good point that we need to talk about more. And not just with the cosmetics industry. It’s much broader. Feminists say that most politicians and CEOs being men is evidence is sexism. We should respond that since most of the homeless are men so that’s evidence of misandry.

  2. Everything that comes from a gynocentrist’s mouth will either be a partial truth, utter hypocrisy or a complete distortion of reality. If you’ve ever had a serious debate in an intimate relationship with a woman, one in which she’s clearly wrong yet tries to show you how she might actually right, you know this to be 100% truth. These debates used to frustrate me to no end until I figured out the reason why women insist that men are always to blame.

    Feminists destroyed marriage. Feminists are hyper-gynocentrists. This is good for men. That women have ruined marriage and that many women eschew this most gynocentric of man-hating institutions is a blessing for men. What’s funny is that many men and women don’t understand this basic truth. Contrary to what women claim, marriage wasn’t slavery for women. Instead, it has always been a burden for and slavery for men. From what I hear, homosexual marriage will make marriage that much more of a trivial institution – which is also good for men. The patriarchy did far FAR more damage to the average man than it ever did to women.

    Never ever EVER give a woman power over your life legally, socially, psychologically, spiritually, physically or financially. Women don’t only get power over your life through marriage. Think carefully of all the ways in which a woman can gain enough power over your life to ruin you for good – and never do those things (or at least, by thinking ahead, minimize the damage to the extent possible).

    In the past 40+ years, countless millions of men have had their lives destroyed by “manning up”. Never be that fool.

  3. Play the game. If it was misogyny that fired her– then why was she hired for a overwhelmingly male customer base.

    If its misogyny, then shouldn’t we always ensure that only males are hired to represent the interests of a male customer base?


  4. Misogyny – Any act by a man that doesn’t involve life on bended knee kissing a woman’s fat @$$.

    One way or the other, the government will force men to pay for women. The laws will be stealthy and/or named in a way that make them appear benign. The affordable care act is a great example. No-fault divorce legislation was written by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) for the express purpose of making it easy for women to divorce their husbands while at the same time keeping his property and future income. Who passed this legislation? The white knights of the patriarchy.

    What’s up next? Months long paid maternity leave, free health care, and free child daycare for single mothers. If you have anything negative to say about these items (like the cost being born mostly by men through higher taxes, lower pay and fewer raises) – don’t say them at work or you’ll be fired. One way or the other, men will be forced to pay.

    The past 50+ years is chock full of examples of laws that specifically benefit women at the expense of men – claiming that the laws are justified due to the sins of the privileged patriarchy. Progressives have successfully used the same strategy to denigrate white heterosexual men for the benefit of feminists and the LGBTQs. The only non-protected class is now white heterosexual men.

    Several countries have already passed “You break it – You bought it” laws that force marriage after X number of months of cohabitation. The UK calls it the “Cohabitation Rights Bill”, which is currently up for passage by their parliament.

    The claim is that everything being done is for equality of women, minorities and LGBTQs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The women’s movement was about (1) the destruction of the patriarchy, (2) women’s sexual liberation and (3) freeing women from the slavery of marriage. The entirety of the progressive movement is now about the forced redistribution of wealth and power from white heterosexual men to women, minorities and the LGBTQs. Marxism (the forced redistribution of wealth and power) was Obama’s main campaign theme – though he called it “you didn’t build that” and “fundamental transformation”.

    Remember guys – you’re not just fighting feminists. Your fighting the entirety of the gynocracy, the cuckolded white knight patriarchy, minorities and the LGBTQs to boot. Some will be offended by this statement. Why? Because they know it’s true. The truth always hurts. Affirmative action actively discriminates against white heterosexual males, increasingly against Asian males and will more and more encompass the newly christened victim class called LGBTQs. Remember, the forced redistribution of wealth and power from white heterosexual males to the victim classes is what the progressives call equality.

    Our future is Greece’s present. Every action you take should be geared toward making your wealth and expatriating before the collapse.

    In no way should any of the above statements be misconstrued for support of the evil tradcons. I despise them, too.

    • Great post,

      You gotta realise you have to get rid of the christians along with the feminists & leftists & the jews, christians will always create feminism & socialism & pour jews into any country

      Christians turn all countries into leftist hell holes

      Once they install the feminists, they destroy the civil rights of men, then they bring in the professional loan sharks, the jews to enslave the working population

      The jews create the economic networks to fund the sjw’s & feminists, while enslaving millions of men to impossible unpayable loans … ever tried paying off a mortgage?

      This is mainly why christians & catholics pour jews into any country they screw over

      Again this is a well known tactic used by the christians & tradcons to take over any country, with a large amount of self sufficient working males

      Victimisation has always been a large part of tradcons, hence their constant spewing shit about orphans & widows & the poor

      Ironically they create the orphans & homeless men, with their insane laws designed to brutally enslave men

      We have to get rid of the christians, along with the sjw’s & feminists

      Boot the christians out & you prevent the genocide of millions of men, which is all the christian religion is really about, enslaving & genociding millions of men

      • The pope has sided with the feminists in saying that the declining marriage rates are men’s fault – ignoring all man hating aspects of feminism and the divorced-ruined lives of hundreds of millions of men the globe over.

        The church and government are feminist run (hyper-gynocentric) institutions. The male leaders are merely figureheads – easily destroyed puppets of the gynocracy.

        The pope has called for the forced redistribution of wealth by “the state”. If you forced wealth from another to yourself – it would be called armed robbery.

        The pope, to no avail, was reminded by a few cardinals that socialist, Marxist and communist dictatorships always end in the impoverishment, imprisonment and mass murder of their populations for the pleasure of the government elites.

        Those from Asia, Africa and South America are desperate to migrate to Europe and North America – countries that are now in the beginning stages of the conversion to Marxism => socialism => communism. When people think of illegal immigration, it’s automatically assumed the conversation is about those desperate to migrate into majority white ruled countries and away from countries already destroyed by forced wealth redistribution.

        Selective service is STILL male only.

        Tens of thousands of men in the US kill themselves willingly every year – yet greater and greater spending is going toward programs for women’s health, education and welfare.

        The “grand bargain”, bi-partisan, FED approved, Clinton/Gingrich-depression-level-event-creating abomination of replacing the Glass-Steagall Act with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act and the strengthening of the Community Reinvestment Act.

        One could go on and on for weeks with this stuff. It boggles the mind.

        • lol good luck trying to turn third world countries marxist …

          The whole point of ops in 3rd world states, is to ensure they dont turn into 1st world countries, Iran or persia was just as civilised as britain or the u.s & just as technologically advanced

          3rd world countries are a recent phenomenon

          Take a look at any photo of persia or india or even bangadesh in the 40s or 60s, theyre all indistinguishable from 1st world countries today

          Christians & jews gutted most 3rd world countries after defeating germany, for supporting germany

          Most of adolph hitlers miltary & armies were multi ethnic, everyone from indians to japanese to africans were a vital part of germanies force

          The untold story is, christians & jews waged a ruthless 2nd world war on india, africa & the middle east after defeating germany

          Destroying their countries & gutting their economies in the short space of 50 years

          Christians, along with catholics, & jews attacked these countries after defeating germany

          3rd world countries are a recent phenomenon

  5. Worth noting that that article itself was merely citing those concerns. It goes on to say:

    “But the details of Ms. Pao’s relationship with Reddit and the 2012 lawsuit she filed against a former employer suggest that her resignation may be more complex than a simple case of Internet sexism.”

  6. “Christians & jews gutted most 3rd world countries after defeating germany, for supporting germany”

    Germany killed millions of Jews to ethnically cleanse for the rule of the Third Reich. Japan was Germany’s quasi-ally back in those days. There are three countries the US has yet to justifiably vaporize – Germany, Japan and the former Soviet Union. Add the entirety of the Middle East to the mix after Iran detonates the first dirty bomb on US soil.

    I don’t really care which religion is extinguished in the interim and I don’t care how many third world maggot, Marxist, socialist, communist or Muslim countries like Mexico, India, or the UAE has to go. Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, atheists – who cares? Let those who live and let live be given the power to annihilate, en masse, those that butt phuck peaceful people.

    • Germany killing jews was nothing more then hysteria to cover up the annihilation of germany, & the gutting of what were formerly 1st world countries into 3rd world countries for supporting hitler

      Do your research, there werent even a million jews in germany or poland in the 1900’s let alone 1940

      Hitler tried to save europe from the bankers, the christians, the jews & the muslims all religions created & controlled by Rome

      If the likes of hitler came into power, there would be no tradcons, feminists, sjws or the hordes of leftists we face today

      Germany fought against the tradcons, & the leftists, 1st world countries at the time, india, the middle east ie persia & africa fought with germany against the rising hordes of socialists & leftists

      Germany & most of what we call the 3rd world, fought to prevent the future we face today …

  7. Polygamy – Wealthy men marrying one anothers daughters and grand daughters, en masse, in an act of national heroism, self-sacrifice and pro-male populism.

    That married people live longer is why marriage rates among the heterosexual monogamous has been skyrocketing.

    Robin Williams had many wives before he committed suicide. As a less wealthy man – I have nothing but gratitude.

    Polygamy – Wealthy men taking on more wives and freeing less wealthy men from the life destruction of marriage.

  8. If you can murder my child through abortion – give me no choice in the matter – and also demand I pay you should you decide not to abort – then what more reason do I need to beat you to death?

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