Jul 282015

When feminists aren’t trying to destroy NASA, they have declared war on air conditioning.  Yes, air conditioning.  Jezebel has complained about it.  So has The Telegraph in the UK.  The Washington Post called air conditioning, “a big sexist plot”.  This isn’t a single feminist whining about air conditioning.  It’s widespread.

Air conditioning is part of HVAC, and I have talked about how HVAC is a critical technology.  Without HVAC we wold not have space exploration or computers.  Since feminists are already attacking the tech industry and NASA and space exploration, it makes sense to attack a technology and an industry that vital to their existence.

If feminists think that HVAC oppresses them, then they can do without it.  Let them work in 100 degree offices during the summer just like many men who have to work outside during the summer.  Let them freeze to death in the winter or force them to use old technology for heating like wood stoves.  Of course, they will probably complain that wood stoves are misogynist.

  2 Responses to “Feminists Have Declared War On Air Conditioning”

  1. I’m an electrician and even though I had appreciated the fact that I never see ‘oppressed’ women screaming to be allowed to join me in the cold, I’d never realised just how much HVAC tech. has achieved.

    Great article.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldsqw8lXfjY

    ‘Nuff said. LOL.

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