Jun 122015

The Washington Post had an article on how cuckolding is becoming mainstream.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m sure that when that article came out a million men (at least) decided to never get married and go their own way (even though they have never heard of MGTOW).

If the article has any truth to it, most young men will not want anything to do with marriage.  All the shaming language from tradcons, which are functionally equivalent to the UN sending strongly worded letters, can not compete with the desire of most men not to be cuckolded.  The harshest shaming language from tradcons pales in comparison to the current disaster marriage is right now.  If cuckolding becomes more commonplace then the difference only becomes greater.

Tradcons are fighting a battle they can’t win.  If a man’s options are being cuckolded or having to occasionally listen to impotent shaming language from tradcons, nearly all men will choose not to be cuckolded.

  10 Responses to “Your Options Are Being Cuckolded Or Listening To Shaming Language From Tradcons”

  1. There’s a reason progressives love Sweden. What’s that reason? The country caters to women and women’s children. The government does what women tell them to do. What’s that? They forcefully transfer men’s wealth and power to women through taxes and wealth transfer programs that benefit single women. Sweden is feminist/progressive utopia. There’s no need for women to marry. Why? They’ll get the money either way and they can sleep around with whomever they want. Recently, the Swedish government told their corporations to give women 40% of all board positions or face major fines and/or dissolution. Marxism is the forced redistribution of wealth from those that earned it to those that want it.

    The women’s movement is about (1) destruction of the patriarchy – which is the destruction of men and the forced redistribution of the wealth and power to women, (2) the sexual liberation of women and (3) freeing women from the “slavery” of marriage. Given the above, why would any sane man get married? I’ll tell you why. It’s because mountains of propaganda are being churned out in movies, schools, TV and music. All forms of media are abused to keep men lining up for their own slaughter at the hands of a woman. This conversion of men into sperm donors and ATMs is especially intense in countries like Sweden.

    Only MGTOW tell the truth. Only MGTOW help guide men through the subterfuge of illusions, enchantments and social programming that goes into turning men into naive idiots primed for full life destruction. Men’s greatest enemies are the progressives, conservatives, feminists and anti-feminists. All hope to herd men into a psychological corral that benefits their particular agenda and that facilitates the forced redistribution of men’s wealth and power to women.

    • The issue of marriage confronts me IRL. With the best will in the world, the woman (alone) can’t alter the fact that marriage is unequal between husband and wife. All the power is in her hands. With one phone call she can wreck him on a whim. No matter how much integrity she has, and how trustworthy she is now, she could change. For example, her personality could change due to brain damage in an accident (I know from personal experience that this can happen).

      Marriage between a good woman and a trusting man is the equivalent of a relationship between a benevolent 18th Century slave owner and his/her slave. No rational man could willingly surrender himself to slavery, benevolent or otherwise – especially as “otherwise” becomes the reality more frequently than not.

    • The current marriage rates are very interesting. Only 16% of 19-29 year olds are married and barely over half of 30-39 year olds are married. Probably the only reason the marriage rates are still as high is because of 1000s of years of tradition, but that’s changing. As a recent post noted, this will probably just cause palimony to get adopted by the courts.


      • I’ve actually lived in countries with palimony, and it’s a fun game (not really). Women start bring shit over to the man’s house, trying to sprinkle them around to mark her territory, and make a case for palimony. Men respond by throwing all her crap in a cardboard box and dropping it off at her place. It’s like a chess game.

        Canada recently equated live-in relationships ( I’m not sure what the cut off point is, I think 1 or 2 years) with marriage, legally, in some of their provinces. Some men will get burned by this law, but all the men coming behind him are now wise to the scam and avoid marriage and live-in relationships. Pump & Dump becomes the norm.

        Honestly, the only thing that will turn things around to boost marriage is passing out clones of hot, barely legal, girls, with no legal rights to divorce rape you.

  2. That article makes its point clearly that this is the coming wave, blah, blah, blah… It is not addressing the question of how such an arrangement would benefit the married man?

    What is the point of such a relationship for a man? He could just stay single and bang anyone he wants to, without risking divorce rape or the financial cost and emotional aggravation of raising some other man’s kids.

    It’s clear in that article that neither society, women or even other men ask themselves ‘What’s in it for men?” Give them all the finger and live for yourself.

    • Such relationships, if you can even call them that, don’t provide a single benefit for men. The only way a man would agree to such a relationship would be is if his only other option was being executed or getting thrown in prison and getting ass raped there. Bachelor taxes won’t do it, and strongly worded rants from tradcons definitely won’t either.

  3. The reason that cuckolding is an important issue is this:

    There is only one thing that a man can get from a *wife*, specifically, that he cannot get in any other way, and that is legitimate children. Anything else you can buy or obtain. But a child from your own body who society recognises as being as your child – the only way a man can get that is from a wife.

    But this thing is no longer on offer, and so there aren’t that many reasons to actually tie the knot anymore. There are two reasons. Firstly: cuckolding, the fact that there are no penalties whatever enforced on woman who foist another man’s child on a husband. Secondly: custody. The fact that a man’s children are never really his.

    • Cuckolding is important to feminist because its another way to exploit husbands. Notice the marriage rate recently?

  4. “Comments are closed” – LOL. As expected.

    It’s also unsurprising to see it was penned by that feminist cunt Caitlin Dewey.

  5. Apparently that female chauvinist shit was written May 26 2015.
    Here’s a good rebuttal to it
    complete with comments

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