Jun 092015

My last post generated a comments with examples of women doing emotional labor and getting paid for it.  Paul Murray brought up counselors and therapists.  A.B. Prosper brought up prostitutes.

Since there are women who get paid for emotional labor, what does this mean for the women complaining that they don’t get paid for emotional labor?  First, they aren’t doing any labor emotional or otherwise.  Second, since they aren’t counselors or therapists, that leaves being a prostitute.  If they’re not getting paid for emotional labor, then they are prostitutes who are failing at it because no man wants to pay to fuck them.

A woman who complains about not being paid for emotional labor is a prostitute failing a being a prostitute.

  3 Responses to “Women Who Don’t Get Paid For Emotional Labor Are Failed Prostitutes”

  1. Well .. .. .. it has been my experience that a man pays to fuck a woman one way or another, whether she is a prostitute or not.

  2. I’m reminded of a comment about L.A. , along the lines of “a lot of people in L.A. are broke because they don’t understand that even though going to the gym and working out is hard, that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is going to pay you to do it”

    Sure, obsessing over your crush is hard work. Planning your own wedding is hard work. Keeping up with your network of facebook friends is hard work and takes a lot of time. But it’s being hard work does not mean that its of value to anyone else.

    In business-speak terms, these people are making the error of measuring input rather than output.

  3. Not sure if this belongs here or in the entitlement princess contest…

    Putting two and two together, I am reminded of the recent article about high end escorts working the wall street market for big bucks.

    note the twin theme that bankster types are the target market in both cases, although in the link, the author finds a successful tech guy as the male to participant.

    These women made psychotic by their feminist beliefs are becoming harem girls while telling themselves they are empowered by it. LOL.

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