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The Supreme Court says that homosexuals can get married.  There are a lot of women complaining about this, not about the ruling, but about the language used in the ruling.  Apparently, it’s some sort of insult to (heterosexual) women who can’t find a man willing to marry them.  The will say that’s not the reason, but when they bring up the works of Kate Bollick, it is.  (Remember, Kate Bollick is the woman who is infamous for wanting to be married but screwing it up when she had the chance.)

A lot of people think that polygamy will be the next marriage related political issue.  It won’t be.  If the articles above are anything to go by, it will be women trying to use the courts to rope men into marrying them or providing marriage like benefits by force.  The complaints in the articles above come from women who are angry that the gay marriage political debate wasn’t about them.  They’re going to do their best to avoid that happening again so expect polygamists or anyone else who can’t currently get married to be drowned out by the whining of women.

  10 Responses to “Supreme Court Says That Gays Can Get Married; Women Hardest Hit”

  1. SCOTUS also mentioned that children who are raised in a single parent house are missing out, and that marriage transforms people into something greater (which implies that single parent households are “something lesser”). I can’t wait to hear what NOW has to say about this!

  2. Surrogacys already overtaken polygamy, a chinese man was arrested for trying to raise a 10 children family using surrogacy

    He shouldve moved to a country with no anti-surrogacy laws

  3. Bollick’s article was the most popular article in The Atlantic online for a long time. That says a lot. We’re in the midst of major cultural changes, who knows how things will end up. Palimony might very well come in. Very few in their 20s are getting married; during their prime years. Polygamy just seems loopy, but 30 years from now it may not be.

    • the top 20% of men will polygamously share all the women.
      leaving the remaining 80% of men wondering what the point is of .contributing to a society that does not recognize their sacrifice
      leading to a mass exodus from the workforce.
      leading to economic collapse across the planet.
      resulting in the top 20% of men losing their entire workforce.
      leaving only the mgtow with anything resembling status in a post collapse world where men who prepared for hard times are living best.

      these men will remember who’s fault the collapse is, and will dictate the rights of women in the post collapse world to that of chattle.

  4. […] Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology: Supreme Court Says That Gays Can Get Married; Women Hardest Hit […]

  5. I have a sneaking suspicion that any sex act itself will be construed as creating a legal relationship of some sort.

    Marriage is being viewed under an ever reductionist lens;

    Marriage 1.0
    Marriage 2.0
    Sex act

    The impetuous under Yes means Yes seems to be to create a legal affirmation of the sex act that can later be used as evidence to infer some kind of legal relationship.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a new category of relationship is created to reflect temporary sexual congress.

  6. Everyone pretended the argument was about “human rights” or “equal rights” for people wanting to marry someone of the same sex. That it was about Good Liberals vs Bad Religious Fundamentalists. Some, of course, see it as a sign of the continuing moral and political degeneracy of the USA. Others that the USA is gradually becoming a Better Place. This is all self-obsessed twaddle by the special interest groups.

    The religious people were upset because they saw this as a sign that their State had abandoned them. Well, duh! States run economies now, not societies. Have done since the 1980’s. The Rainbow People got marriage because the economy doesn’t care who anyone sleeps with, or what ceremonies and legal relationships they want to enter into, or even how many there are in the bed, as long as they show up to work on time and spend their salary, pay their taxes and don’t interrupt the flow of goods and services throughout the economy.

    This is exactly why the SJW’s on the left and right are hopping up and down and screaming. They see that the Government has withdrawn from legislating and running society. SJW’s and tradcons want to legislate society: they want to tell you to do this and don’t do that. Western Governments are not in that job anymore.

    The Supremes didn’t vote 5-4 for same-sex marriage. They voted 5-4 for the economy over society.

  7. Gay Marriage won’t last long…wait for the Divorce Industry to target Gays like it has targeted us heterosexual men foolish enough to marry for the last forty years. More of us are finally waking up to what a one-sided risk that marriage has become, and therefore more and more of us are avoiding it.
    However, the Divorce Industry has become used to its high profits and is always hungry for new victims — but we heterosexual men (who were formerly their primary victims) have learned our lesson and become unwilling to marry or cohabitate; increasingly we have become unwilling to even interact with the hate-filled, misandric, toxic harlots of today’s society. Therefore there are fewer of us that will fall into their clutches to be divorced.
    It won’t be long…

    • You think Big Daddy cares what you do?
      If men will not enter a one sided contract, Big Daddy will try to push you into one. Picture yourself, on a fine Saturday taking your motorcycle or rebuilt classic Porsche for a drive. You pull in to a Tex-Mex restaurant for a juicy fajita platter with all the fixings, only to have some fat, tattooed, single mom look at your car, the cut of your clothes.

      She points at you and screams, “J’accuse” and just like that, Big Daddy has been put on notice that you are the father of her womb turds. You are now on the hook for child support for up to 60% of your income. No DNA test allowed. No appeal allowed. It’s for the children after all. They used to do a version of this in the Soviet Union, and oddly enough, it was only the productive members of society that were singled out this way.

      Best defense will be to get out of the country. Second best, when such times come, is to live in a van by the river, noodling catfish, hunting small game with a .22 and foraging with your friends. If you have nothing to take, you have nothing to sweat.

      • You also have to use common sense and make yourself less of a target — after all, you don’t go walking down the street with $100 bills hanging out of your pockets, do you? Avoid unnecessary interaction with these modern harlots and leeches. If it becomes as bad as you illustrate, fade into the background — wear ordinary clothing and avoid ostentatious displays of wealth. ‘Go Ghost.’ Read and become familiar with “Atlas Shrugged” and ‘Go Galt’.
        The moochers, looters, and leeches won’t try to steal from you if they think that you don’t have anything worth stealing.

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