Jun 072015

Once thing that came up on the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag was “emotional labor”:

If “emotional labor” was a thing that actually existed, then someone would pay for it.  “Emotional labor” is unverifiable bullshit that women have come up with in an attempt to hide the fact that they aren’t doing any actual productive work.  I expect that women will come up with even more absurd ways of saying that they do unpaid work that can’t be verified.  That’s because women are mostly in make work jobs so they need to come up with ways to justify their jobs.  If women get really desperate, then they might even start complaining how they should be paid for the “free sex” they’re giving men.

  9 Responses to “If “Emotional Labor” Actually Existed, Someone Would Pay For It”

  1. Pay for Emotional labour?? Watch— Women would pay for it!!!

    And they do!!! They want the support of a man, emotional nuturing etc.

    But not men. At least, not like that.

    Such dishonest and foolish rhetoric from feminists. Laughable.

  2. Absolutely people pay for emotional labour – there’s an entire industry of counsellors and therapists. The central lie is that women are not being paid.

    People without incomes live on the street. If you live in a house, have your groceries paid for, and are receiving spending money by way of a joint account, then you are getting an income.

    Suggestion 1 – pay these people for their “emotional labour”, and require them to pay thier share of the electricity and *all* the mortgage (because they get to keep the house after divorce).

    Suggestion 2 – men, do *not* have your income put into a joint bank account. Give your SAHM physical cash, actual folding stuff. Housekeeping, spending money. There’s something primal about being given tangible money by a man that women crave.

    • 2a – alternatively, if she works then keep your money separate and split rent/utilities/groceries 50/50. Of course, she won’t be able to afford the bills. So pay her cash for sex so she can make up the difference. It all comes out the same.

  3. Great Post Paul.

    Another kind of emotional labor is prostitution. Some prostitutes do provide emotional support for men, hugging, listening etc. They in fact do get paid for that service.

    I don’t think the hashtag crowd was thinking that though.

    And though its quite obvious to everyone here, those women obviously do not understand men. We need emotional much less than they do, usually can get it from male friends when we do/. Heck most of the need for it in our lives is created by women

    of course if women insist on being paid for giving emotional labor in the name of equality we should insist on the same. I suspect they’d end up owing us money.

    • Serves me right for posting so late.

      Lets re-parse this, we need emotional support much less than they do and when we need it we can usually get it from male friends. heck most of the need for support is created by the women in our lives

      Whew. Sorry about that.

  4. no one does more emotional labor than men.

    we feel true love, only to realize betrayal at the things we thought should be loved. when we have our children and family ripped away from us, we suffer the most.

  5. Hey PMAFT,

    The Artistry Against Misandry website seems to be about Chinese detergent and the Do Not Marry website seems to be gone. These links are at the top left of your website. Also tried to click into Zed’s website but Firefox kicked me out claiming it contained a virus. Not sure how accurate Firefox is because it seems to have been acting strange since I updated it security so Zed’s may be OK.

  6. […] generated a comments with examples of women doing emotional labor and getting paid for it.  Paul Murray brought up counselors and therapists.  A.B. Prosper brought up […]

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