Jun 052015

On the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag, the winners of the most recent Entitlement Princess Of The Month are complaining about the supposed unpaid labor they’re doing:

If women are really doing unpaid labor, I recommend that women go on strike.  Of course, what will really happen is that no one will notice.  If anything men will be more productive with women “on strike” from their “unpaid labor”.

Women aren’t doing unpaid labor.  Their “labor” consists of nothing but getting in the way of men’s productive labor.

  5 Responses to “Go On Strike And See What Happens”

  1. Women are parasites who use the state to drive men away from their kids, they take value away from men by being so chaotic.

    This is just female gaslighting and guilting.

  2. Please make sure that you notify us when the strike starts. I wouldn’t want them to go to all that fuss and me not notice. That would be misogynistic. And that means bad.

  3. “Look, we want money and you are going to be made to pay. We are not able to do anything that could objectively be deemed productive or useful, so pay us for the imaginary work we do instead. You don’t even have to worry about the quality of our imaginary work, because everything we imagine we do we also imagine to be completely awesome. “

  4. There are about 13,000 buildings in NYC, where I live. Every time I look out my window or step outside, I see these buildings, and I am always in awe of not only that men have built them, but that each one is a monument to mens’ love and commitment to their families. I feel the same way whenever I see a construction worker, sanitation worker, truck driver, and any other death profession dominated by men.

    Most American women are dangerously spoiled brats and epically delusional ingrates.

    I used to wonder how German citizens in the 1930s could think the way they did. I don’t have to wonder, anymore, as I see it here in America, every freaking day.

    • Excellent point, all vocations with high deaths of men in the workplace are death professions

      They should all be called death professions

      Most corporations put profits ahead of safety for blue collar working, this includes cubicles which revolve around suppressing mens masculinity, instead of competitive environments for men

      Just another example of how women destroy workspaces & make them hazardous for everyone …

      Then theres the fact women make most families hazardous, with over a 70% physical abuse rate to toddlers & infants by women alone

      Imagine a rowdy, rough n ready environment where shit gets done, instead of kow towing to attention whores & sluts, which is all corporations & businesses are nowadays

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