May 062015

Ultron week continues. This post has a minor spoiler for Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

One of the things Ultron says to someone is that they are confusing peace with quiet. If you think about it, confusing peace with quiet is very common. Whenever someone says that there needs to be “peace” between the genders (putting aside the hudna aspect of that), what they really mean is that they want men to shut up. They want men to be quiet and get back on the plantation.

Anytime someone says they want “peace” between the genders, they really just want you to shut up.

  2 Responses to “You’re Confusing Peace With Quiet”

  1. Fedlibogan is guilty of using the term “peace between the genders”

    Man haven’t been attacking women at all, so this is a one sided attack.

    Men need to fight back.

  2. a lot of tyrannical regimes believe “peace” is the result of stomping any sign of dissent.

    feminism is tyranny.

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